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The e-commerce.

Where to start after installation/configuration?


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Hi all,


I'm quite new to osCommerce and I guess my question is aked before (but I couldn't find it :huh: ), so please don't shoot me :)


Well, I've just installed osCommerce via Cpanel. I used the webbased configuration "wizard" because the automatic install procedure of Cpanel didn't work. Everything went smooth, it wasn't hard at all to install, and now I get the default index page with the default example webshop. Everything OK so far.

BUT, when I change anything, for example the name of my store, nothing seems to happen! I don't get any errors because all file/dir rights are ok, but I can't see any changes to the home page of my online shop.


I've searched for some documentation, but could only find the KB and install instructions. Because installation went ok, I don't need these instructions anymore.


I suppose it is something minor, but I can't find what it is. Do I need to setup a new online store or should it work with the default example database?


Every help (directly or indirectly by pointing me to interesting user guides or forum topics) is much appreciated!





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The changes in admin for name and so on will not show in the actual store front, you will have to edit a few things in the files as mentioned on the default front page text ie english.php if that is your language and also index.php files so read the front page and then read it again until you are sure what to do.


Hope this helps.

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Hmmm, well...I just read the frontpage text again. There are no errors, so I could jump to the second point directly. I see in english.php that the title is hardcoded :huh:. If I change it here, the correct shop name is displayed in the browser screen, but this is not the way I want it. I just want to be able to set the shopname in the admin module and see it directly after that edit in the shop.


I understand that I'm able to edit the default frontpage text in index.php in the english directory, but that is not my problem. I have set EURO as the default currency, but the shop keeps the Dollar as default.


So...with only the suggestions on the default frontpage, I don't solve my problem. Is there still a problem with write rights or what am I doing wrong??



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you need to go thru the knowledge base from top to bottom, it basically explains the things which you are asking, and the further down you go in the knowledge base, the more in detail it gets.


it explains how to set Euros as the default, how to change the front page, also explains what rights are necessary.


now for the all important part. install the software along with apache, mysql and php on your localhost (the computer in front of you), and do your development/initial testing there, once you are sure that works, then copy that via ftp to your web server, to another folder on the server named devcat or whatever, just not the catalog, and then do full testing, to make sure everything works. once you are sure it works, then that becomes the valid working store (copy that to your working store is, makine sure you change the configure.php files and settings for the database), this way you are not wiping out your store, still making sales while modifying and testing.


next, make sure you backup. and backup some more.


learn how to work with your web server, if your host has a control panel, play with that, the sql setting there, phpmyadmin, etc. dont try to go live with the store to sell things without understanding what is going on with your server. next, get to know a little mysql commands, how that interacts with your program and the database.

search for and do a tutorial on php, get to know that.


your best friend is your eyes, next best is the search function, get to know them well!

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Thanks for the advise, I just found the osCommerce documentation. I know how to work with PHP, MySQL, Apache and Linux/FreeBSD. That's no problem at all. I only thought osCommerce was a little bit easier to configure out-of-the-box. You get a fantastic admin module, but without some manual modifications in some php files it simply doesn't what I thought it would do out-of-the-box.


Maybe it is an idea to include a link to the online documentation or KB in the install file...it now only explains how to setup everything and when you are ready, you expect to be able to set up your own shop and modify everthing by the admin module. Except the tip on the default index.php there is no comment saying that you need to modify a couple of things by hand before you use the admin module.


Well, I now know that the package is not 100% webbased and I will have to modify some thing by hand (no problem, but I didn't know that)...I guess I will manage it now.

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