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Thumbs and Large Images for Catalog


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Can anyone please share some insight on this, once i have my dirctory, lets call it catalog_fotos

which contains two more directories one for my thumbs and one for the larger images you get once you click on the thumbs


Where would i place them and?



Do i need to specify any path?



Or should i place them one by one?

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I just upload a large picture (whatever size u want for the enlarged view)-- That is what is used for the enlarged popup. Then you scale it down in your admin - image values for the store pic ( Thumbnail) . So all you need is one picture per item

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Does that, in fact, mean that you have to use the same proportions on all the pictures in the catalog? :mellow:


I mean, the thumbnails have a standard size, common throughout the whole catalog, but the actual pictures way have different sizes (and sometimes different proportions). Doesn't that cause the thumbnails to be distorted? :huh:


And one more thing: Isn't the thumbnails just the 'big' pictures, but at a smaller scale? They have to be loaded in full, don't they? :unsure:

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