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SEF w/Apache in CGI mode 2.2 MS2


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Hi all,


My host runs Apache in CGI mode, and I have been unable to get any of the SEF contributions to work, (including the built in module that comes with 2.2 MS2)


I'm thinking that CGI mode could be the cause of this. For example, this url http://www.ion-web.com/forum/archive/topic/1053-1.html suggests that CGI *may* be the way forward instead of using safe mode??


I know a little mod_rewrite and PHP but am new to oscommerce.


As a side note, my host http://oneandone.co.uk (owned by United Internet) claim to be the worlds largest hosting provider - and they will not allow Apache to be installed as a module. So presumably there has to be good reason for doing so.


mod_rewrite works fine on my other site hosted there using .htaccess


Can someone point me to a SEF solution for OSC or where to start pls?


Is Apache in CGI mode holding up the production release of built-in SEF???



Thanks in advance for any pointers,



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