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Found 3 results

  1. I am uploading to the addons area a version of the standard Worldpay Hosted Payments module with a couple of small improvements that improve the shopper experience and make shop admin easier. The enhancements lie in the processing of shopper responses and payment messages, so that: when the transaction is cancelled in Worldpay, the shopper is transferred back to the checkout payment page in osc, to complete the purchase in another way when the transaction is authorised, the payment message is decoded and fraud checking results are added to the order status history. This saves logging into Worldpay to check each transaction before fulfilling the order. Example of fraud checking info: CVV: Matched Postcode: Matched Address: Matched Country match: Matched 3D secure: Authenticated Link to the addon to follow once uploaded. Github users with stores based on osc 2.3.4BS Edge can get the modified code in this branch: https://github.com/BrockleyJohn/Responsive-osCommerce/tree/worldpay_payments_extended
  2. I'm running with RBS Woldpay Hosted Ver 1.0 payment module. From time to time a customer will buy a product and successfully pay through Worldpay. The Worldpay confirmation comes through with an OSC cart ID, but when I go to OSC admin there is no sign of the order there. Looking at the database I don't find the order there in the "customers_basket" or "orders" table. What is likely to be causing the problem? Worldpay? OCS main software? Payment Module? Server? Browser? It seems strange to me that the order should have completely disappeared from the database. Surely the logical way for it to work would be that the entry in the "customers_basket" table shouldn't be removed before it has been copied to the "orders" table? (although most orders seem to stay in the "customers_basket" table even after checkout is complete anyway...) Thanks in advance for your help...:)
  3. Hi I've read a zillion posts on this but unfortunately can't find one that resolves my issue. Have the latest addon (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/7151) and the debugger seems to show there are no errors. The callback occurs, but WorldPay do not receive anything back from junior_callback.php. The following condition is not being met in line 78: if ($order['orders_status'] == MODULE_PAYMENT_WORLDPAY_JUNIOR_PREPARE_ORDER_STATUS_ID) (result is 1 == 106) I am a php rookie so I've impressed myself by getting this far. any clues as to where i go from here? Thanks
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