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Found 8 results

  1. Hi, I'm new to OScommerce 4 and am trying to create my first splash / landing page. After editing for a bit I made a bit of a mistake and want to go back to a previous version. I went into backups and found the one I wanted at 15:33 but when I clicked on restore all I got was a spinning ball : It has been like that for about an hour now. my domain name is klereearth.oscommerce.host, the theme I am trying to edit is called klere and the page is called splash. Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks Steve
  2. I want to copy the whole footer block of one theme and insert it into another. I clickrd the export block in the source theme and file was created. But when I try to import it into the new theme, the whole bottom section of the theme disappears. What is the correct way to do this?
  3. I copied a theme but the icons didn't make it for some reason. The attached image shows what the original buttons look like while the other shows the copied buttons. Where are those icons set?
  4. @pandrei I created a new theme and added a sales channel for it. A symlink exists for the sales channel. But when I try to load that them in a browser, it fails with a 404 error. All of the other thems work as expected. Any thoughts on what this could be?
  5. I created a theme by duplicating the Furniture theme and made changes to it. When I view the result using the popup in the editor, my changes are seen. But when I click on the Themes link, my theme is shown with the appearance of the original Furniture theme. Clicking into the editor shows it still has my changes. But the main problem is that if I go to Sales Channels and click the link for this theme, it displays the original Furniture theme. I have deleted all of the other sales channels since I recall there was a problem with this in a previous version of V4 but that didn't help. If I click on the choose theme for this sales channel, the theme with my new name is listed but it displays the original Furniture appearance. So, the bottom line is that my new theme only shows correctly in the theme editor. Everywhere else it shows the original theme. I have cleared all cache. How do I get my new theme to show in all relevant places?
  6. How to resolve fetal error in template_top.php , in the oscommerce-carbon-template , i am new in oscommerce . please help...
  7. I was having trouble setting up the store. Before I do anything complicated I want to make sure the basics work, and they dont. I installed oscommerce v2.3.3 and then installed the Theme Switcher's latest version. (I also created a neat theme with ThemeRoller, but I don't get far enough to try to apply it). I moved the "Images" folder, the "Includes" folder and the two additional .php files that came with theme switcher into the main folder of the store. It overwrites two files or one file I don't recall and adds all the rest as new files. Following the instructions, I then went to the Modules > Header Tags > Theme Switcher and enabled it. Everything breaks. I get the following status on the right: The jQuery file is missing! The jQuery UI file is missing! The selected theme was found. The theme CSS file is the wrong version or missing! template_top.php has been modified. The language file was found. And now the entire store has the same basic layout, but all the colors are gone. I'm assuming it's images being placed around that arent showing up. How can I override ONE FILE and now suddenly three are missing? What is wrong? I can't get the default template back, much less any new ones.
  8. I realise what I am looking for probably doesn't exist, but I think if someone would take on the challenge it could make an interesting addon. Also it would take oscommerce to a whole new level !!! I am looking for an addon that allows for a subdomain that can be added to an oscommerce site which has the same database / log in details for customers, whilst being operated on the same css / template, and from the same admin page as the main site. This could allow the main page to be for sales of products and the subdomain to cater for hire / rental of products via means of a booking calendar or a blog to promote your site. Thus giving handy information to customers whilst also attracting extra traffic through added searchable content. This could be product releases, upcoming events or some other useful info. I realise there is a lot in this and will probably need two parts : 1) the addon for the oscommerce subdomain that shares template / css / database / admin with the main site and 2) a booking calendar addon for rental of products / hotel rooms / cars ..... but if anyone has any ideas I think it could make an interesting conversation piece or an epic pair of addons ????
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