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Found 9 results

  1. How to resolve fetal error in template_top.php , in the oscommerce-carbon-template , i am new in oscommerce . please help...
  2. Hello, friends! I`m Serhii, from Solomono. And I`m glad to introduse you our first templates: demo.solomono.net and clo.solomono.net This templates are completely diferent from standart oscommerce. Its php 7.1 ready, SEO ready, mobile friendly(bootstrap), has unlimited images for products, unlimited information pages, completely different admin panel (you can try if for free, just put your email on top of page here ), very fast attribute filter, and optimized DB queries and MANY other. Our main features comparing to default oscommerce: 1. Mobile ready! 2. Modern Adaptive Layout (with ability to edit main site colors, edit blocks in left column, main page and other places) 3. Unlimited Information pages! 4. High Site Speed (faster than standart oscommerce, opencart, magento, wordpress and other) 5. SEO READY (SEO-urls, editable meta tags for products, categories and main page, texts for categories pages, editable robots.txt, generating Sitemap.xml, html-sitemap, ) 6. Fast Onepage Checkout 7. Ajax-functions (adding to cart, wishlist, comparing, search, filtering, sorting, sliders and other) 8. All new Admin panel! 9. Unlimited images for products 10. CSV import-export ..and MANY other! https://solomono.net/advantages-a-104.htm Also you can change your site colors, phones, meta tags, footer information, mainpage modules directly from admin panel. Its easy to change website design, our version has template system sililar to BTS. Also we can move your old oscommerce website to our new versions with full DB importing (products, categories, manufacturers, attributes, orders, customers, admins and other) Look more about us: https://solomono.net/about-company-a-99.html Solomono on Envato: https://codecanyon.net/user/solomono Solomono on Oscommerce: https://www.oscommerce.com/Services&developers&solomono So, tell us your reviews and questions pls. If you want to order template or some help, we would like to help you: https://solomono.net/contacts-a-76.html
  3. Hi, 960gs Template system configuration addon finished. What this addon does? Visualise Grids! Controll 960 Grid CSS System Manage the grids Display grid columns in background Allow 24, 16 and 12 columns variations You can select from 23 column layouts. Regards, Gergely
  4. Hello everyone, I'm trying to set up a complete book shop and searched for convicting templates for oscommerce… Found very few, indeed and mostly not responsive… Has someone some good hint to help me in my quest? B.R. Alex
  5. Hello, I am doing a new install of OSCommerce and will be using version 2.3.3. Previously I've used 2.2, together with the STS template add-on. I see that STS doesn't have an update for 2.3.x, so I need to look for a new template solution and would appreciate any input. I'm looking for a template system that can do the following: - customizable - I need to be able to define and add my own tags/tokens - need to be able to specify different templates for use on different product categories and individual pages So far it looks like minitemplate is the most used for 2.3.x, so I'm looking further into that. Thanks!
  6. Am I asking for problems if I use a 2.2RC template with 2.3.1? (*FYI: I'm a newbie to oscommerce.) Oscommerce Template #23264 http://www.templatemonster.com/oscommerce-templates/23264.html Designed for: OsCommerce Engine: V2.2 RC2a OsCommerce Compatibility: 2.2RC2 Thanks.
  7. I realise what I am looking for probably doesn't exist, but I think if someone would take on the challenge it could make an interesting addon. Also it would take oscommerce to a whole new level !!! I am looking for an addon that allows for a subdomain that can be added to an oscommerce site which has the same database / log in details for customers, whilst being operated on the same css / template, and from the same admin page as the main site. This could allow the main page to be for sales of products and the subdomain to cater for hire / rental of products via means of a booking calendar or a blog to promote your site. Thus giving handy information to customers whilst also attracting extra traffic through added searchable content. This could be product releases, upcoming events or some other useful info. I realise there is a lot in this and will probably need two parts : 1) the addon for the oscommerce subdomain that shares template / css / database / admin with the main site and 2) a booking calendar addon for rental of products / hotel rooms / cars ..... but if anyone has any ideas I think it could make an interesting conversation piece or an epic pair of addons ????
  8. Hello, I would like to create a photo gallery where we can buy my photos. So, I am looking for a wordpress plug-in wich works with oscommerce, and can allow to send photos by 50, 100 or 200 on one time. For exemple, it is a wedding gallery with 300 pictures and somme people can see all the pictures and buy just 2 or 3 of it, choosing the size... Or any templates for doing that ? Thanks a lot for your response. Marie from France ;-)
  9. I'm the new kid on the block. I have used OSCommerce for a projects 5 or 6 years ago and at the time I totally hacked the files to customize the look and feel. (I am a designer/snippets guy, not a programmer, but I can work in several programming environments, html/css/php/sql being the most confortable). Now I am back with a new OSC3.1 (default installation using fantastico). As I went in I was quite surprised to find 'html tables' still mixed with the logic, but.. if that's what we get... that's what I have to work with, i guess. My problem today is that I was hoping to be able to use a template, or template system (STS..3...4 ?), but as I started looking for it I found tons of different feedbacks for different versions and different types of templates... and I don't have time to try everything to see what is reliable. Question: What combination of versions and templates (system or not) is best to use today (2011) which would be reliable and at the same time 'foward looking', meaning possibly not using tables for the main layout? (..and with at least one free template to see if I can work with the system before spending money for a better template.) Once set up I will have to do extensive custom work to match an existing non-OSC website look and feel and I work much faster with CSS/HTML than table/html. As I said I have a fresh 3.1 install so it would not take much to redo the install for another version if you think a different OSC version would be a template frendlier setup. Thank you much, Marco PS. Could you tell me please why I see a lot of recent posts (2011) in this forum about problems with OSC versions that are 1-2-3 years old? Why don't they upgrade? Is it better to work with older versions? Thanks. .
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