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  1. Same as the Payment methods, Shipping methods in osCommerce v4 can be linked to: - a particular sales channel (website) - customer group - country or region and be available for the front end (checkout or quotation), back end, and POS. Shipping methods can be also linked with one or more tracking methods (to be described further). Same as the payment methods, Shipping methods can be installed, enabled or disabled. There exist a number of "offline" shipping methods, where prices are set manually in the back end. And a number of "online" shipping methods, which provide integration with the corresponding shipping provider's API. It is very likely that "online" shipping methods will find their way to a special section of the back end when osCommerce v4 is released. It is also likely that such "online" shipping methods will be made available through the marketplace, either for free or for a nominal fee (in the latter case it will be surely less than their analogues from WooCommerce, etc). And of course osCommerce developers will be very welcome to create new solutions and list them as apps too. One interesting new solution is Click and Collect shipping. It is possible to set Click and Collect locations in the settings of osCommerce v4, and then allow customers to choose Click and Collect as a shipping option on checkout. Here is the list of currently present "online" shipping modules, in no particular order: - FedEx - DHL - UPS - USPS - TNT express - NovaPoshta Another interesting new solution is a so called Zone Table method: - it allows for setting up various shipping zones, by country, by region of the country, or even a range of post/zip codes - it allows for setting up various shipping methods and naming them accordingly - and finally, it links zones and shipping methods together, allowing setting up delivery costs by order price, weight, volume, dimensions, etc
  2. osCommerce v4 allows the order processing team to choose a shipping carrier to actually deliver the orders, and have PDF labels created on the shipping carrier's side and downloaded via a special API to be printed on the label printer. Current integrations include: - DHL - FedEx - Royal Mail - Nova Poshta - APC (the list is subject to change) Each integration is API based, so the store shall have an API account with their shipping carrier of choice to use this feature. Besides the label itself, the system downloads the consignment / tracking number which gets saved in order details. To choose a shipping carrier, there exists an instrument called "Shipping Carrier Rules". It automatically chooses the shipping carrier for orders depending on the delivery country or delivery zone, package total (package here can be less or equal to the order), package weight, shipping fees paid by the customer, payment and shipping methods chosen by the customer.
  3. No existing support thread that I can find... I just uploaded an updated version of this addon: - php7 compliant - doesn't use filenames.php - minimal core changes (one file) Addon is http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8419 Also on github in a branch of Edge at https://github.com/BrockleyJohn/Responsive-osCommerce/tree/addon_ship2pay
  4. Hallo Netzgemeinde... jetzt habe ich mir ein gegeben, Testuser eingerichtet, dieser somit als Kunde kaufend, doch die ZONE1 "Versand" Steuersätze im Betreff angegeben Pfad der Eingabe und somit in den Einstellungen lässt den Versand nicht zu Denkfehler ?? Hatte Testweise (artikel OHNE Gewicht) den Zonen Satz so eingestellt : Enable Zones Method True Tax Class MwSt Sort Order 0 Zone 1 Countries ZONE1 Zone 1 Shipping Table 1:4.95,2:6.95 Zone 1 Handling Fee 0 bekomme aber Fehlermeldung Siehe Bildanhang ... Versandkosten (inkl. MwSt) " Modul Wer weiss was ... ?
  5. This new shipping module has support for separate shipping per individual products,per category, and all products. It also has the options to ship based on price, qty, or weight of the products! :thumbsup: This will be the future support forum for this addon. Right now it is in the beta stage as the per category needs a little more work, but should take no longer than a week or two to sort it out! Why build such a module? I noticed a lot of discusions in the forums for such a module and thought it would be good practice for me to develope this module from scratch so to speek. And a big thankyou goes out to Brett for his interest in a module and a willing test subject for the beta! What doesn't it do? This module doesn't currently have support for separate zone shipping. So say your in europe and want to give all of customers in europe free shipping but charge shipping for the rest of the world, you can't do it with this module yet ;) What is it capible of? it is capable of shipping per individual products with seperate prices! for example product1 has a shipping rate of $20 product2 has a shipping rate of $10 and still another product has a shipping rate of free. Assuming you have 1 product of each in our shopping cart my module calculates shipping by qty $30 not $90 by weight it calculates this by dividing the total weight in the cart by your max weight and then multiplying that by the rate you have set up per product! It is fully customizable just needs time. So tell me what you think and if you want a beta! Almost forgot this module is only developed with OsCommerce v2.2 in mind I don't know how well it will work with v2.3.1 or above
  6. Hello everybody, I wonder whether there is a live module (best for 234 bs edge) in existence (even for purchase) which enables to create DHL- shipping labels right out of the admin-area and then provide tracking possiblilites for the user ...? If not, how do you effectively manage to send your packages with DHL / oscommerce? Have a nice day cupidare
  7. Greetings, I'm working with osC 2.3.4 BS and PayPal Express Checkout 3.1 (the payment module, not the app). The problem I am having occurs only when the customer is NOT logged into paypal before selecting paypal express as their payment option. Here is the general flow of the order process: 1. customer finishes their order and selects a shipping method other than the cheapest (express shipping) 2. Customer selects Paypal Express as payment option 3. Customer is taken to Paypal where they log in and see their order including shipping. The total shown is the correct total, including the express shipping. Customer confirms order on Paypal site. 4. Customer is sent back to checkout_confirmation.php where shipping has reverted to the cheapest shipping option, not what they had chosen. This apparently started happening out of the blue a couple months ago. There were no changes made on our end. So I'm assuming that the problem is in the data sent back to osC after payment is confirmed. I have no idea where to look to solve this, since it seems to be coming from Paypal... Any help would be greatly appreciated thanks!
  8. The current USPS shipping modules (USPS Methods, USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2, stock osCommerce 2.3x) all have a major problem -- they depend on the Service names that USPS supplies. Since USPS seems determined to change these names every six months or so, these modules break and must be patched twice a year. This should not happen, and it doesn't need to. The quotes that USPS returns are keyed to a Service ID (called CLASSID.) These are (mostly*) unique numbers that never change, or only change when a service is deleted or added. These numbers are a much better way to select the service(s) desired, as the module will not break when USPS changes the service names. If this system had been in use before the July changes, the only difference that anyone would have noticed would have been different service names showing up on the checkout page. No broken checkout, no thrashing to get a fix implemented, no lost sales. I've done some preliminary testing, and I have a plan to fix this. I intend to use some of the code from the USPS Rate V4, Intl Rate V2 module since I like the way it is set up in the Admin. The rest of the code will be rewritten. I have in mind an adaptive model that will require an extra step in the install process. The first edit of the module upon install will require a valid USPS Web Tools username. That will be used to send a dummy quote request to the USPS server for all available services, domestic and international. The response to that will be stored and presented in the second step as a list of services that may be selected. The selected values will then be stored in that step. The installer will allow the selection of services by their current names. The names in the Admin will not change if USPS changes their API since those values are stored in the database. However, we are only comparing against the CLASSID, so the store side will continue to work and show the updated names. Updating the names on the Admin side can be done by uninstalling/reinstalling the module, but that will normally not be necessary. You will only need to do that if USPS has added a new service that you want to offer to your customers or they have removed a service that you were offering. Doing an uninstall and reinstall is a lot simpler than modifying the code to make it work again. *Yes, there's one problem with this approach -- the CLASSID for all First Class services is 0. That will have to be treated as a special case. That makes First Class more fragile, but USPS doesn't seem to change those services very often, so it's not likely to be a huge problem. Any and all help with this is very welcome. I can use help with the code, of course, but feature suggestions and testing help are appreciated as well. Let's see what we can do with this. Regards Jim
  9. Hello, I'm using v2.3.4, and I was looking to have free shipping but also other options for express shipping. Currently I have zones and table but when free shipping is enable it disabled both and only show the free shipping option. Does anyone knows how I can show free shipping and table option for express shipping? (they pay a bit more but it's faster delivery).
  10. I have been using a ship in cart addon for my store, but now my webhost have announced that they will be upgrading to PHP 5.5.4 in January. When I view my site under these new "conditions", I get errormessages in the cart from the shipping module. Warning: Creating default object from empty value in C:\-----catalog\includes\modules\shipping_estimator.php on line 92 is the one I get when not logged in, and Warning: Illegal string offset 'title' in C:\----catalog\includes\classes\order.php on line 222 Warning: Illegal string offset 'cost' in C:\----catalog\includes\classes\order.php on line 223 these two when I am logged in. The addon I use is pretty old by now (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1781) and that got me thinking. I won't need the option to search postage cost by country or zip code or anything that fancy, since I only have one shipping option (well, that and free shipping for a very limited amount of customers that I have a personal relation with) so is there a way to add this amount to the cart without the need of a fancy addon? of course the shipping cost should be included in the shown order total, for both guests and signed in customers.
  11. Canadian Flat Rate shipping per PostCode (Quebec - Canada) you can set up a flat rate for each Postal code depend on first 3 digit Shipping Cost G1J XXX :5.00$ G1A XXX :6.00$ H1B XXX :7.00$ easy as 1-2-3, only one file to overwrite. 1- Uninstall flat rate module 2- Copy and paste (overwrite) /includes/modules/shipping/flat.php 3- reinstall flat shipping with this file. no need to modify MySql no max entry if postal code not set, this will use default flat rate tested on 2.3.4 Boostrap only but im sure its any version compatible. have a nice day. Download it here or in App zone : https://apps.oscommerce.com/XHQYT&canadian-flat-rate-shipping-per-postcode oscom-canadian-flat-rate-shipping-per-postcode-XHQYT-TFcKi.zip
  12. As stated in the title. When a customer goes through the checkout process it doesn't add the shipping cost to the total and then the order total is "order - shipping". Example: Customer A adds a 10SEK item to his/her basket. Then goes through checkout (after signing in and all of that), on checkout.php it states "This is the only shipping option available" and the cost of that shipping option. But the shipping cost is set to 0 in the "Products" box above "confirm purchase". The shipping cost continues to be 0 on all following steps. Any ideas? Been googling and looking through code for a couple of hours now.
  13. I'm in the process of setting up shipping options and will be using USPS. I have created a business account with the postal system and entered the: Enable USPS Shipping True Enter the USPS User ID: XXXX Enter the USPS Password: XXXX. When I select a shipping address I get this message: Shipping is currently not available for the selected shipping address. Please select or create a new shipping address to use with your purchase.. Suggestions?
  14. First of all I hope I am posting this in the correct place.I am very new to this whole thing. I am not a programmer but someone that will do what ever it takes to get this fixed. I am now desperate and I need help PLEASE. I added the Multi-Vendor shipping add-on to my web site and now the checkout_shipping.php is blank. I looked first on this site before I bothered anyone but could not find what I am looking for. I have included a checkout_shipping.php attachment If you need checkout_shipping.phpto see what I am talking about please create a account and try to check out. (www.socalcoralreef.com) Could someone PLEASE help me get my web site back to where i can sell items? Thank so much for any help I can get. Ray
  15. Hi Everyone, This is for all the OSC peeps who help design this stuff. I read that starting in late December of 2014, UPS is changing all of their rates for UPS Ground and UPS Standard to Canada packages to dimensional weight pricing. You can read about that directly from the UPS website at the link below. http://www.pressroom.ups.com/Press+Releases/Archive/2014/Q2/UPS+Announces+Dimensional+Weight+Changes I'm guessing there won't be a module for something like this because it's going to be something very intense I feel. To completely get it accurate, you would have to put the packaged dimensions (size) in for every inventory item. And, As you know, once you add multiple items to your cart, the box size changes. To figure our Dimensional Weight, you calculate the cubic size of your package in inches by multiplying the height, by the length, by the width, Then you Divide the cubic size of your package in inches by 139 to determine the dimensional weight in pounds. Increase any fraction to the next whole pound. So for example, if you have a box which is 14 Inches Wide by 10 Inches Tall by 10 Inches deep that weighs 2 pounds actual weight packed, UPS will charge you for a box which weighs 11 Pounds. Because 14x10x10 = 1400, then divided by 139 = 10.07 Pounds. Which rounds up to 11 pounds. I feel this is going to be a nightmare. Hopefully, there will be an easy solution as for our company, we use UPS for all of our domestic shipping. I also heard FedEx will be following suit and USPS already does this for packages which are larger that 12x12x12. Thanks, Mike
  16. Hello! The PayPal App v5.000 is realy great! I found the update durring trying to fix a shipping vat problem in the old version. Unfortunately its the same problem as before. fe The product subtotal is 5 including 19% tax and shipping is 5,90 including 19% tax See the mail from shop. So the system shows the user the correct amount 10,90 for authorization in both systems (paypal and shop). Then the issue occure: After the order is successfull the authorized amount is 9,96 (the 5€ for itemsand the net amount of the shipping) See the mail from paypal.
  17. Afternoon All, We have installed a 'click & collect' module and have installed with success. However, when turned on this has since become the default shipping option and our customers are not noticing this and causing a few troubles in regards to check outs/shipping etc. We have changed the 'sort order' in the admin side of the shop but seems to make no difference and the default i still the 'collect' option. Can anyone help in regards to this. website address is; www.sealants-direct.co.uk Again, Thank you.
  18. worldwide shipping costs , please can someone help me , i need to be able to change the cost of shipping worldwide easily , can anyone please advise how to do this or if there is an addon to be able to use shipping rates by uk postal service based on cost of the item and ability of customer to be able to pay additional insurance on the item , i would be grateful if anyone can advise me , i do not have a great ability so an easy option if there is one would be great thanks Richard
  19. Hi, I can't seem to find what I'm looking for after hours of searching so hopefully someone can point me in the right direction. Basically I run a furniture shop, which just sells sofas, chairs etc. I usually do the deliveries myself for £30 in the local area (Liverpool), but have found a courier who will ship suites to anywhere in mainland UK for £80 so I can now sell online. All I need is a module that will check the first part of a customers postcode, if it's a Liverpool postcode, delivery is £30, if not, then it's £80. In my head it doesn't seem difficult but all the zones and postcode add ons I can find are based on weight, which link to companies for prices. I don't want weight to be involved, they are all around the same weight and my charge is per order, regardless of what they buy. Is there something like this out there or am I thinking it's a lot easier than it actually is? Any advice would be appreciated as most of the site is ready to go other than this and payment methods now. Many thanks Chris
  20. Hi all, I'm triying to install the Fedex web services in the shipping module. I downloaded the FedEx_1_4-webservices_v9_4_6 file and unzip. I add all files inside fedex file to my catalog file in server side. but when a go to the shipping module for installing, the fedex module doesn't appear. fedex module in the shipping file on server side. Where is the fedex module?. Can someone help me?. thank you. Regars.
  21. I'm working on a new website using osCommerce. It's for a specialty publisher, and when a new book is added, there are a group of customers (identified by a customer discount > 0) which automatically are shipped a copy of the book. I would like to know if there are any add-ons which would run a set of invoices for these customers when a new product is added (and hopefully create the appropriate shipping labels. They're all billed manually, so there would be no billing interface needed. Is this an add-on (or similar to an add-on) that currently exists? Thanks Jeff
  22. This is the official support thread for Restrict Shipping Method for 2.3. This addon allows you to restrict shipping types/methods for certain products, or alternatively exclude certain shipping types for products. It is very effective if for example you have an item for sale in your shop that can ONLY be sent via courier but not post. So "courier" can be set as the restricted type of shipping method and enabled in (by selecting "1") that product. This addon is a modification of the "Restrict Delivery" addon for 2.2 by idolcemia, including modifications suggested by ReDYeViL. I have added instructions to allow you to modify which products are the restricted class in the admin backend (categories.php), where previously you had to modify it directly through the SQL database which can be extremely tedious. I changed the name of the addon to help with search results (personally it took me ages stumbling to find the original). See the addon here: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9071 Full credit to the original author idolcemia for the original code and addon.
  23. Hey everyone, Needing a bit of help trying to set the Ozpost Module you have to subscribe to use. Am trying to set it to allow FREE SHIPPING when the weight of an item is set to ZERO. Any help will be greatly appreciated. Regards, Craig
  24. Hello everyone, I'm helping a client upgrade his OSCommerce site from 2.2-MS2 to 2.3.3. It's my first time using OSC, definitely a learning curve, but in general it's going ok. For background, I'm usually a web developer, so I'm very comfortable with PHP, HTML, CSS, MySQL etc., but am just barely understanding things specific to OSC. In the 2.2 version, they are running the add-on called "USPS Methods", and they are happy with how it works. It seems that OSC 2.3.3 comes with a pre-installed module called simply "USPS", and looking at the source code for this, it says that it is based on USPS Methods. Being that it's now included with the core distribution, and that USPS Methods no longer seems to be actively maintained, I figured it would be better to stick with this add-on. However, USPS in 2.3.3 is not doing what they want. Specifically, they want to be able to specify which methods to ship by, eg "Express Mail, Priority Mail, Media Mail". 2.2 + USPS Methods gives them a long list of options, they check the ones that they want. But presently, when they go to edit the USPS Module in 2.3.3, there are very few options, and they look funny. What's with those unlabeled text boxes underneath the USPS UserID? Is that normal? I'm wondering if the picking-and-choosing I did while migrating their old database to the new one left things in some kind of bad state that's making those boxes appear and/or keeping the shipping options from appearing. If anyone has advice for me I'd appreciate hearing it. Should I just get rid of USPS and install USPS methods? Is there some trick to getting USPS to doing what we want? Is what I'm seeing normal? Even if someone can show me what the module options look like when it's functioning normally, that would be a big help all by itself. Thank you! David
  25. Hi all, I'm running an ammunition dealer's website and whenever we ship gunpowder or primers, UPS charges a $27 hazmat fee. I would like so when a customer checks out, this is listed in charges as a hazmat fee, but only for the items that need it. I've been searching for a while and can't find a way that doesn't tie in to the shipping module. I use UPS XML as my shipping module. Thanks! Gerald
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