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Found 5 results

  1. QTPro BS 5.0 I'm working on a new version based on QTpro for osc 2.3 version 4.6.1 plus newer updates and fixes. Planned Changes: coding updates for latest 2.3.4 BS EDGE Community version with hardcoded filenames, database table names, paths and superglobals content modules for product info, shopping cart hooked modifications or separate functions where possible to avoid core file changes (stock checks etc in checkout pages) final product prices shown in option/attribute combinations on product info page also for more than one option/combinations general code clean up language constants/definitions for all texts for full multilanguage support To do list: update qtprodoctor.php hardcoded stuff, superglobals language constants/definitions update stats_low_stock_attrib.php hardcoded stuff, superglobals language constants/definitions update stock.php hardcoded stuff, superglobals language constants/definitions replace mods in admin/boxes/tools.php by separate file replace mods in admin/boxes/reports.php by separate file avoid mods in admin/includes/functions/general.php load function file in modules replace core function mods by own functions? modularize product info options modularize product info stock table versions for Modular Product Page by kymation alternative product listing module for modularized shopping cart order class extension to avoid mods in core order class replace all mods in checkout files by hooks? check compatibility with ajax attribute manager add support for attribute sort order update instructions It would be great if there appear testers for the mods. Who has the old version already installed: - replace the admin files - upload and install the product info content modules and (IMPORTANT!) uncomment the complete options/attributes section in product_info.php For new installations: - instructions are not updated yet follow the old instructions except A.: don't modify admin/includes/boxes/tools.php and reports.php, upload the nwe files instead B.: upload and install the product info content modules and (IMPORTANT!) uncomment the complete options/attributes section in product_info.php instead to apply the mods Most important for now are the changes in the product info option modules to show final prices according to the option selection even if there are muliple option combinations (single drop down and single radios) GitHub repository Thanks and best regards Rainer
  2. If you use Pay Pal standard with QTPro, it does not remove the quantity correctly and there's a error in admin saying your inventory is sick after every sale. You need to use the QTPro doctor after every sale to sort out your inventory. Yet Pay Pal express does work with QTPro. Multiple issues I have with Pay Pal Express Checkout see me wanting to use PP Standard, but I can't unless this QTPro issue is fixed. I know this glitch has been reported before, but it was unclear whether it has ever had a solution, does anyone out there know?
  3. Hey, I use both CCGV and QTPro. I would like to apply a discount specifically to one product (which happens to have product attributes). I do this by entering the products ID when creating the discount voucher. Unfortunately when I test this voucher no discount is applied. However, if i do it for a product without attributes then discount is applied. I found a post here: http://www.oscmax.com/forums/new-oscommerce-contributions/22211-ccgv-trad.html ...in which someone claims to have found a fix to the problem. He suggests changing 2 lines of code. However, there is no difference in the before and after code for the first suggested change. As a result this fix is not working for me. Does anyone know how I can make this work? Many thanks, Daz
  4. Does anyone out there know how to and where to install Qtpro on your website like /home/admin for example. I was told to download this by a forum Community Member and have no clue where to even start installing this into. I am familiure with most coding but not an expert! So, Any help is greatly appreciated for the win!
  5. Hello all, You'll have to excuse my complete lack of understanding when it comes to the Oscommerce coding. I have just installed QTPro, followed all of the instructions, ran the SQL, and it all seemed fine until I went to the Catalog/Products Attributes area in my admin. I get this error: Parse: error syntax error, unexpected T_CASE in /home/ etcetc /products_attributes.php on line 92 I am about to throw my computer out of the window. Thank you thank you in advance to anyone who can help!
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