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Found 11 results

  1. I have proceed with a new installation of osCommerce Online Merchant v2.3.4.1 CE ES in order to avoid any problem with my previous online store (v2.3.3) and all the modifications done. I haven't added any addon nor any database information. I have just uploaded to the server the CECABANK payment module (available at https://github.com/cecabank ) and tried to activate this module through the Administrator's panel but when I press the "Install Module" button, then the new page shows many errors and only the first available modules are showed (until the list arrives to the cecabank module). Here you have the messages. Maybe you can help me.... Warning: include(/usr/home/server-oscommerce-directory/includes/languages/espanol/modules/payment/cecabank.php): failed to open stream: No existe el fichero o el directorio in /usr/home/server-oscommerce-directory/admin/modules.php on line 142 Warning: include(): Failed opening '/usr/home/server-oscommerce-directory/includes/languages/espanol/modules/payment/cecabank.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/share/php:/usr/share/pear:/usr/home/server-oscommerce-directory/includes/modules/payment/braintree_cc') in /usr/home/server-oscommerce-directory/admin/modules.php on line 142 Fatal error: Uncaught exception 'Exception' with message 'Environment MODULE_PAYMENT_CECABANK_ENVIRONMENT is not valid [test|real]' in /usr/home/server-oscommerce-directory/includes/modules/payment/cecabank_lib/Cecabank/Client.php:106 Stack trace: #0 /usr/home/server-oscommerce-directory/includes/modules/payment/cecabank_lib/Cecabank/Client.php(86): Cecabank\Client->getEnvironments('MODULE_PAYMENT_...') #1 /usr/home/server-oscommerce-directory/includes/modules/payment/cecabank_lib/Cecabank/Client.php(74): Cecabank\Client->setEnvironment('MODULE_PAYMENT_...') #2 /usr/home/server-oscommerce-directory/includes/modules/payment/cecabank_lib/Cecabank/Client.php(41): Cecabank\Client->setOption(Array) #3 /usr/home/server-oscommerce-directory/includes/modules/payment/cecabank.php(44): Cecabank\Client->__construct(Array) #4 /usr/home/server-oscommerce-directory/admin/modules.php(147): cecabank->cecabank() #5 {main} thr in /usr/home/server-oscommerce-directory/includes/modules/payment/cecabank_lib/Cecabank/Client.php on line 106 I'm sure that one of the problems is that there isn't a language file at the installation module, and it should be a cecabank.php file in the includes/languages/espanol/ folder, but I don't know exactly what content that language file should include and I don't know if that language file would solve the rest of the errors. Could you help me?? Thanks in advance. Regards
  2. anybody please help me to add Razorpay payment module. i am from india and most other payment modules not support here the code they have given is below <form action="" method="POST"> <!-- Note that the amount is in paise = 50 INR --> <script src="https://checkout.razorpay.com/v1/checkout.js" data-key="xxx_test_yyyyyyyyyyyyyy" data-amount=amount data-buttontext="Pay with Razorpay" data-name="Name of seller" data-description="order number" data-prefill.name="Customer name" data-prefill.email="Customer Email" data-prefill.contact="Customer Phone" data-theme.color="#F37254" ></script> <!-- input type="hidden" value="Hidden Element" name="hidden"> --> <input type="hidden" value="Hidden Element" name="hidden"> how to add the code the the module
  3. I am uploading to the addons area a version of the standard Worldpay Hosted Payments module with a couple of small improvements that improve the shopper experience and make shop admin easier. The enhancements lie in the processing of shopper responses and payment messages, so that: when the transaction is cancelled in Worldpay, the shopper is transferred back to the checkout payment page in osc, to complete the purchase in another way when the transaction is authorised, the payment message is decoded and fraud checking results are added to the order status history. This saves logging into Worldpay to check each transaction before fulfilling the order. Example of fraud checking info: CVV: Matched Postcode: Matched Address: Matched Country match: Matched 3D secure: Authenticated Link to the addon to follow once uploaded. Github users with stores based on osc 2.3.4BS Edge can get the modified code in this branch: https://github.com/BrockleyJohn/Responsive-osCommerce/tree/worldpay_payments_extended
  4. Hi, We are using oscommerce, when we move to admin > modules > payment > install module it's doesn't show the modules. We need to install the COD module. Have found the cop.php file in /includes/modules/payment. When i am in admin > module > payment it's showing button in top right corner as install module (46)
  5. Hello, I'm writing a payment module. I noticed that it is initialized only when adding a product to cart. Is there any way to initialize the module before that? In fact, I need my code to run when in product info page and even in the index with product listing. That means before adding any product to the cart. Thanks
  6. I'm writing my own payment module for OSCommerce. We use asynchronous callbacks from our payment gateway. It means that I need to create the order while handling such a callback. I understand that I should use checkout_process.php for that. But the problem is that there's no session context since the callback is asynchronous. So tep_session_is_registered will fail. From the code of other payment modules it looks like mostly they are based on the existing session context. So what's the best strategy in that case? In fact, the idea is that we have all the necessary information returned in the data with the callback. So in theory I can create a new order out of the session context, but I don't want to rewrite the already existing logic and it has a lot of dependencies. On the other hand, I can try to restore the session from the database (create a kind of dummy session with the necessary context to call checkout_process.php), but that doesn't seem easy at the moment. Nor does it seem the right thing to do. Maybe some plugins use the same pattern? Thanks
  7. Guest

    Missing Payment Methods in admin

    I have no payment methods showing in admin, the files all seem to be in place on the server but nothing showing in the payments module in the admin of the website. i was trying to update a payment method when this happened, ive tried restoring from backup but still nothing showing. any help greatly appreciated
  8. I am looking for a payment module that can connect oscommerce to mypos.
  9. TomB01


    OK - here's another question on payment modules. Apparently learning from my other thread (Stripe vs. Braintree) that hosting the credit card payment capability on my site (even if it connects to the credit-card server directly) is a liability headache, I checked my host's special offers (HostGator) and found that they're advertising TransFirst on my Control Panel. A search on the forum here turns up nothing later than 2008. It seems TransFirst has an OsCommerce module, but the guy I talked to didn't know if they offer documentation/installation instructions prior to signing up. I'd like to see how it works, first, before I sign up. Their website is only a billboard and has no technical info. Anyone have experience with TransFirst, either through HostGator or not?
  10. sk8r

    Linkpoint issues

    We are having issues with customers being able to use debit cards. Other CC's seem to go through fine, but Linkpoint doesn't seem to like debit cards. We have posted a notice on our checkout page stating that if they are having issues with their debit card, to try and use a CC instead. Any workaround for this?
  11. I wish to use ccBill as my payment credit card processor. They sent me an "includes" folder to upload to the root directory of my shopping cart. I did that, and I think I did it correctly. OS Commerece is supposed to see it. My instructions were to click on "Modules" then "Payment" and then "ccbill", ... However, even though I uploaded the includes folder, "ccbill" does not appear under "Payments." (I do see the default PayPal there.) I have the latest version of OS Commerce. Can anyone tell me why it does not show? How do I get it to show?
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