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Found 5 results

  1. It is possible to configure, enable and disable multiple modules that together constitute Orders in osCommerce v4. There exists a special Order Structure menu under Modules, which to a degree extends what used to be Order Totals in previous versions of osCommerce. As with all the modules, we have made it possible for osCommerce developers to create an add their own Order structure modules. Currently existing modules are as follows: Their position (which can be re-arranged by using the drag-and-drop feature) defines how the system uses them for every order. Each order total module has a number of settings, including restrictions and positioning: It is possible to set, for example, the shipping fee, to include tax on the checkout pages, but exclude tax on the invoices.
  2. Hello I have been having trouble with the discount module (ot_discount) and have been trying to resolved. Something i have noticed since trying to fix is now when you click on the order total under the module section of admin, you cant see the discount module, I click on 'install module' and the INSTALLED module is sitting in that list.. I dont know how else to explain it.. Have i deleted something? Any help would really be appreciated, as really dont know what i have done here, and without it people cant use discount codes. Thanks E
  3. Hello Everyone, I have been through a lot of forums trying to find a solution to this, and no one else seems to have the same issue I am. I have order total Discount Code v2.6 installed. Everything is working fine, except when you enter the code for a set price discount, if the customer is purchasing items that total less then the voucher it makes the total into a negative amount. ie. items equal : 62.20 discount: 100.00 vat amount: 10.37 total: -37.80 I have seen on some posts a mention of 'Allow negative order total?' but my version doesnt provide this option.. is this something i can add to my module? If so, any clues would be a massive help! Thanks guys!
  4. Hi, I'm a bit of a newbie and just dont know where to look to resolve a problem with the maths not working! I place one item in my cart with value £5.99 including vat - the shopping cart correctly shows the split but does not add the VAT to the order total. Sub-Total: £5.13 VAT: £0.86 Total: £5.13 If I add shipping, that DOES get added to the total, but the VAT still does not Sub-Total: £5.13 Royal Mail 2nd Class Standard (Delivery Weight : 1 package of 0.2 Kg's (Ships normally within 3 to 5 days)): £2.20 VAT: £0.86 Total: £7.33 Can anyone help? Plllleeeeeeeease?? :thumbsup:
  5. Hello, I am trying to find a discount module based on the real margin and the total order amount. I have installed margin report, I have also quantity price breaking but I would like to make or find a contribution that : - calculate the total margin of the customer basket (OK thanks to margin report) - and then with the order total adjust a discount amount in order to be sure to ever have a minimum margin For example the customer has choosen more than 1 product Case 1 : let say for example margin = 250€ and order total amount = 500 € + VAT 19% = 595€ I want to give a discount to the customer that let me have 30% margin on the total amount for Order total < 1000€ The addon must verify Order_total < 1000 € then ==> Calculate :Discount amount = Margin - (30% * Order_total) for this sample : = 250€ - (30%*595) = 71.50€ and perhaps round this amount to 70€ in order the customer can not calculate what happens behind. I would like to define the minimum margin I want for each values of order_total if order total <1000€ mimimum margin = 30% if order total <2000€ minimum margin = 25% If ...................<........minimum margin = x% and so on I have found so much discount addons but not this kind. I would like some help in order to make this contribution. Thanks!
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