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Found 2 results

  1. Hi All, I've just been asked to put a payment option on an Oscommerce site v2.3.1. It's for commonwealth bank and it uses MIGS VPC. I've had a look in the extensions for a module and found the MIGS VPC Client (cc_via_migs) module but it's last update is 2008 and there's some comments on the forum about it not working for later versions of osCommerce ie. v2.3.x I'd like to know if anyone has used the above module recently without any issues OR if anyone has any more current modules to recommend AND/OR if anyone has done something similar recently that might be willing and able to run me through it step by step. Failing this - can anyone recommend a company/person that might be able to install this for me (at a reasonable price). thank you in advance Nic
  2. Hi All, I have installed the latest release of MIGS payment module and have run into a few little issues, hoping someone out there could shead some light on the matter. running 3 stores 2 x OSC 2.2 RC2A 1 x OSC 2.3.1 it has installed fine on all three sites and seems to be processing ok until the end of the process when you get redirected back to the store to confirm the order. It will give an error and instead of redirecting back to the conformation page to complete the order it redirects back to the payment option page to select a payment type, even after the CommWeb has approved the payment and returned a "00" status. So the problem is this: the customer will be caught in an endless loop of ordering. order, pay, error. order, pay, error...etc.. so when i check my merchant account the payments have been received, with no OSC order.... each order will send me this error reporting email: Secure Hash was not able to be verified against the Secret Hash, possible tampering with response I have done: double checked the Merchant ID double checked the secret hash double checked the access code problems i think it could be: comments (POST): contains apostrophes ", (, ) and characters that need to be escaped out - this is done by (looks to be both ends) OSC and CommWeb. could this be issuing the error? Reason I ask is that when I get the error reporting email from the MIGS payment gateway the POST data for comments looks different. What I sent: I would like to Sign for my order Please deliver between and ( ) and ( ). I would like to Sign for my order Please deliver between and ' ' and ' '. What has came back in the email: I would like to Sign for my order Please deliver between and . Completely removed ' ' and ' ' from the POST data besides that i have absolutely no idea to why the errors happen, i have tried to read the code but still unsure, any help would be appreciated. Thanks Ben
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