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Found 2 results

  1. Hey everyone, looking for a payment module for First Data Global Gateway E4? I wrote the following module based on their latest Version 12 API, it is for OsCommerce 2.3 but could easily be adjusted to work in 2.2: First Data Global Gateway e4 AIM In their documentation, First Data put out a hack for the Authorize.net SIM module, which works and is all well and fine for those that do not mind their customers leaving the site, but not so great if you want to keep your customer on your site. There was no way I was going to take customers away from my site, especially with some hacked up module, but no one had written a module with advanced integration for OsCommerce yet...well not until now! This new module keeps everything on your site, I have tested it up down and sideways and cannot find any bugs. The instructions are very in depth so setup will be a breeze. I know there were quite a few people looking for this, hope it helps the community as much as the community has helped me. Problems? Message me or post here! :D
  2. Guest

    PayPal Payflow Return URL Method

    I have osCommerce 2.3.1. Installed PayPal Payflow Gateway from the PayPal website. The instructions say to setup the hosting account confirmation page return url method to link, but only post and get are available. The I-frame for the credit cards show but when it's processed, we receive PayPal payment but no order is processed and the customer's shopping cart is still full. I have tried to install fresh installs. Still didn't work either. PayPal instructions say to use (mywebsite/checkout_process.php), which I did. That page shows in the I-frame when the order is done, but doesn't link to a new window. If, at that time, I manually type in (mywebsite/checkout_process.php), it does process the order, but doesn't seem very convenient as some orders may or may not process depending on if the customer would or would not think they're done when the payment is done. I have installed our webpages, osCommerce, add-ons, modules, etc., but am limited to .php coding. Thanks for any help. Joe
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