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Found 14 results

  1. Hello all, I am huge user of osCommerce and myself have added a few smaller contributions to the Add-ons section and they seem to have gone down quite well. I am now looking at my next project, and something this time a little bigger...integration into the online accounting system Xero. For myself, processing invoices and adding notes in osCommerce is straight forward, but at the time, or the end of the week, recreating the customers and the invoices in my accounting system is a tedious chore, and I am sure my customers don't appreciate having to wait to receive a tax invoice. At the moment, said integration would be manual, given the limitations of the their public API (a Partner API is required to remove many of the limitations), but this would allow: an admin to create an invoice from the osCommerce order page for a specific order. Order would appear as a multi-line invoice, under the correct accounts, with shipping etc. included in Xero, stored as Draft, Submitted or Authorised. Upon creation in Xero, the system will automatically download and store a .pdf copy of the invoice in the store against the order. This would let and admin view again later, helpful for returns/warranty claims. The customer can also have access to the invoice from their account history, so storing it in the future if they need it for tax purposes, or warranty claims etc. At this stage it is just have an outline of a road-map, and an idea of what I would like to do, and not just limited to invoices, but adding customers, and recording payments, but before going any further I am keen to know if anyone else would be interested in using this? Specifically I am interested in numbers of users, expected/preferred features, and amount you would pay for said system, whether you would expect it for free or would pay a monthly license for support and updates, or would pay X amount to have it. Your comments are appreciated and I will endeavour to take them on-board. Thanks, Sean
  2. I have an OSCommerce site using 2.3.4. I sell books on the site using attribute pricing, where a particular book will have the option to select hardcover or paperback. We're getting into selling eBooks, which will need to go through Amazon (because doesn't everything?) The easiest way I can think of is to have a 3rd attribute that states eBook, but has a link to the Amazon page for that particular eBook. I'm not sure how to include a URL in the description of the eBook to click on. Is there a way to do this easily? I'm assuming that each book would need its own unique description, since the URL would be included? Thanks Jeff
  3. Hello everyone, is there a plugin I can use so I can integrate with MerchantSuite, a payment gateway I am currently using?
  4. I've a shop using osCommerce. Recently, I wanna connect to Pilipay for Chinese customers. Is there a payment add-on for the Pilipay? I've contacted the support on en.pilibaba.com. But no response now. Does anyone here know about them? B.t.w, there is a API for the Pilipay. What should I know to develop an add-on for Pilipay in osCommerce? Are there any documents for developing add-ons?
  5. Hi everyone, I've got 2.3.4 installed with no previous versions on the server. I've installed PWA for 2.3.4, Upsell and Add More Fields but have had problems with each. I've posted questions to the developers of Upsell and Add More Fields and gotten a response from Add More Fields... have not posted yet about PWA but have had problems getting it to do what I want.| I thought I would ask for some guidance for what I need to do - I can edit code and things like that but I want to make sure I know what parts I need to download for 2.3.4 and what's not been updated yet. Here's my desired site flow (using an Apple as the item example): Home (one product only with order now button) Cart checkout page with current order total, payment and billing info fields for customer to fill out. Is shipping address different question asked (if yes, a shipping info box is shown) Upsells are presented to customer (preferably in ajax to reduce number of page loads. Only one upsell at a time is presented. There's 4 - 5 upsells (not just one) with the ability to order quantity of each per item. (Apple corer you can add with yes or no, polishing towel you can select the number that you want to add to your order) Secure checkout page with totals listed (qty, price (apple is paid for in X installments), S&P and total). Shipping, Billing and Payment info are also on the same page with payment dates (since the Apple is being billed at 33 cents today, 33 cents in one month and 33 cents in two months) After order confirmed page is displayed, a pop-up to take the customer to the Apple Eaters of America club is presented. Membership is only for those that have bought the Apple, is not charged for and is just an enrollment page. That is a separate item from OSC and is just listed as part of the site flow. Here's what is happening currently.... Home (order now button) What's in my cart page shown Sign-in page (I am having problems with PWA) Create Account page Account Created confirmation page Delivery info and shipping choices are displayed Payment info is displayed Order confirmation Order completed / processed Is my desired site flow capable? Customers do not need to create an account (less steps the better!) and I want to make it as painless as possible. Thanks, Chris
  6. So, i will start to say that i am a total beginner att ALL of this so details please! :) I would like to be able to change the "date added" at will for every one of my products. That way i can get the to appear in the "whats new"-box and also because i have not yet opend my chop but already started to add products so i want them to appear added and also visable further along the way and at my own choosing. Is this possible? I have tried all of the three below add-ons but unsuccessful. But as i said, i am a complete beginner at this so i may have done it all wrong! http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4781 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4077 http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/898 Anyone who can help me? =)
  7. I uploaded a new add-on package called Discontinue Product but it doesn't appear in the list of Add-Ons. It is a zip file and it is less than 3KB in size, so it doesn't even come close to the 3MB size noted as needing admin review. I uploaded it twice, actually. I thought maybe I did it wrong the first time. No dice. I'm wondering why it doesn't appear. Is there an Add-On approval process that isn't documented? Do I need to notify someone to get it approved? If someone can provide some guidance, it would be appreciated. Thanks.
  8. I did find and install the password protect add-on published by badeziner.com in 2008. However, the index.php page does not display when I publish the add-on files. And it seems the support website no longer exists. Can anyone recommend an add-on that will password protect the entire store?
  9. hello to you! I have a small (?) problem with my idea. I need a add-on to calculate price för banner. look on this page, please: http://www.banderollkungen.se/banderoller-billigt-pris-kr-kvm-bestall-banderoll-online.html?page=shop.product_details&flypage=flypage2rollup.tpl&product_id=2&category_id=1 I want the customer to fill in length and width, choose whether to have the eyelets or keder or something else and program can calculate prices. help me please, is there any add-ons, or modules for that?
  10. ** Support forum ** This module adds the normal facebook comment plugin below the product description, but on each product the comments are not the same (on the normal facebook plugin, the comments are the same in each product). So your customers now can comment about each product. It also adds the login for facebook (optional) PD: Sorry for my english. comentarios_fb_por_articulo.tar.gz
  11. Downloaded this add-on: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/8002 I have never installed an add-on and I am not sure how to do this... Do I just replace all my files with the matching downloaded files? The instructions say something about "do a sql query". I just don't want to mess anything up. Help! TY
  12. Currently the Add-ons site has separate sections for each osC version and if a add-on supports multiple versions it has to be duplicated into multiple downloads for each osC version, this is soon to be exacerbated by release of osC 2.4. Could the add-ons site be modified such that any add-on can be edited to show all the versions it supports and better still also state what php versions are supported? As a further improvement I think it would help if there were some sort of scoring system for add-ons, all there is currently is most recently downloaded, which says nothing for how good those downloaded are. @@Harald Ponce de Leon
  13. Hi, Has anyone found a Purchase Order payment module/add-on for OSCommerce 2.3.1? I've upgraded a client's site and their module was ancient and won't work with 2.3.1. Or maybe there are instructions somewhere on how to covert one of the existing modules to work with 2.3.1? Thanks!
  14. I would like to know whether an add-on or module exists that would allow the user to select one of two available options to receive their product(s). For example, customer orders pastries and at check-out selects whether he/she wants to pick-up the pastries (which is free) or have the pastries delivered (which is $10 USD). Best, Christopher
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