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Found 8 results

  1. JcM Product info All Price V1.0 Phoenix This is a simple add-on for product information page. It will allow you to show price both with, without tax and NO tax as a subset of the main setting. This way the customer is always aware of what the prices is. It requires NO core changes so just copy over the files provided. Once it’s installed simply go to admin and install and turn on. Has only been tested on Phoenix That’s is Enjoy.. Can be see working on this site No VAT INC VAT
  2. I am getting ready to install the bootstrap version of OSCommerce, but I am researching whether I can get all of the featues I need with that version (Responsive osCommerce - Master). Specifically, our store needs to offer quantity price breaks that vary between products. Something like this add-on would be ideal: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/1242 Is there an add-on for the BS version that will give us this capability? Thank you for your time and help!
  3. Simple contribution, updated and cleaned up. Features Increase and Decrease product prices by a percentage. Increase and Decrease product prices by specific values. Filter products by categories. Filter products by manufacturer. for osCommerce 2.2ms2 & osCommerce 2.3.x: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/4663
  4. Ok, here's what I'm looking for: our shipping is based on price, and so we've been using the table shipping -- $5.00 - $20.00 = $5.00, $20.01 - $50.00 = $10.00 shipping, etc. That works fine. We also sell eBooks and, as a charity, take online donations, and so we have free shipping for those, using free shipping for select categories, and that works fine. But when the customer combines the two in one order, we have a problem. When someone buys a $2.00 product and makes a $200 donation, the table shipping kicks in and they are charged shipping on an order of $202.00. They aren't impressed with $25.00 shipping on a $2.00 item. Any idea on how to make this work? Is there a module I've missed or a way to combine two?
  5. Hey guys and gals, Need some help on finding a module that allows you to change the price on categories instead of having to change on each item. If there is a module like that out there can someone please let me know. Has to be pretty easy to install as I don't have a very good knowledge of installs on OsCommerce. Also were do I go to ask people to install specific modules on my website? Thanks in advance for your help.
  6. Hi, I installed the Price Updater addon (http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/2014) to reduce all prices by 25% and it seemed to work. Then I noticed that in the Specials category the Before price was changed and not the After price. I need it the other way around. I need the new price to be the one to change. See images of before and after using the addon. I am using osCommerce Online Merchant v2.2 RC2a I have access to phpmyadmin so I'd even consider using a mySQL string.
  7. Hi, My store will sell expensive items, so I would like to show decimals for a price when showing the catalog i.e.: 2300,32 I know that prices are different if taxes applies or not or even if customer is logged on or not. But I'd like to be able to limit them when shown in the catalog. And to use them, as usual, when billing. Any suggestion. Thanks in ahead of time.
  8. Hi guys, I'm trying to implement a price calculator based on width and height - Currently I'm able to show the price changes on the front end based on user inputs. However, when added to shopping cart for checkout, the price does not gets updated with the front end price. Any suggestions what I can do to pass the price from the front end to the database at back end and finally to the checkout page? Thanks for any help!
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