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  1. lailasmum

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    I have the latest version of order editior which I have just installed and most of it works fine. The only small problem is that on step 3 of add products I get a blank dropdown. There are enough blank gaps for all the product options but their names are not appearing. If I do a view page source there ia a list of the option Ids. I have had a look through the forum but the only relevent fix for this problem was for an earlier version and the changed code seems to already be in the latest version. Does any one have any ideas? Thanks Jeanette
  2. I have just installed Printable_Catalog_2.3 by webschiff. Its great except that I can not get it split the pages. I have tried all the suggestions in previous posts and they make no differences what so ever, most seem to relate to earlier versions anyway. Changing the define('MAX_DISPLAY_PRINT_CATALOG', '1'); line in /english/languages/english/print_catalog.php makes no difference at all. it shows the same page layout no matter what I put. I just want 1 item per Page. I would be grateful for any help.
  3. lailasmum

    New complete Royal Mail Shipping contribution

    Have you copied all the module across properly? have you installed it in the shipping admin? Is the sort order set to 0? I dont think it dispays on zero, re number so it has a different number. have you got all the weights on your site the same ie g or kg as you need to have them one or the other. cant think of anything else J
  4. Just thought I would mention that I have noticed that the rates for the standard parcel module of the Complete Royal Mail Shipping contribution has been done in grams where the rest of the module rates as far as I can see have been done in Kg-may confuse some people as it would return incorrect postage rates depending upon whether you use g or kg. I have changed mine as I do everything in g.
  5. Hi yes I did but its made no difference-I am going on holiday on sunday so it will have to wait. Thanks for all your help Jeanette
  6. Hi I am going to completely work back through the instructions and start again to double check everything-I am not sure why it would have stopped working when it was but I will have another go then post if I don't get any joy. Jeanette
  7. Ok What I mean is the title. It says part way through the read me instructions that the page title should be changing. Previously it was showing the default' Oscommerce:' in the title but now it just shows the name of the store. I haven't editied anything other than the previous file. I am probably just being thick. Jeanette
  8. Hi following on from my other posts-ok that has sorted the error message when editing the categories and i can edit them-but now my headers are not actually being changed at all. I haven't edited anything else and it did work before. Jeanette
  9. Hi Thanks for that not sure how i missed it. Jeanette
  10. Hi I have just installed this contribution its seems to be ok except that when I try and edit an existing category I can't and get the folloing message above the categories/products list in admin. How do I sort it out? I found another post for a similar problem with a reply saying check instructions but I can't find anything in the instructions that helps. I would be really grateful for some help. Thanks Jeanette
  11. Hi I haven't found any answers yet. am getting a bit frustrated by this contribution and a couple of others I have installed. They just don't work even when the instructions are followed precisely. :(
  12. :blink: Hi I have just installed this contribution but am when I run the catalog/googlesitemap/index.php I get the following: Why is part of it working and not the rest. I have installed it exactly as the instructions. What have I done wrong. I have had a look through previous posts but can't find any matching situations. If I open catalog/sitemapproducts.xml in the browser it says this and if I open catalog/sitemapcategories.xml If this message means that the 2 .xml files are not there then I don't understand as they are and are set to 777 as in the instructions. I don't know much about how all this works but will try and educate my self and figure it out but help would be gratefully received. Jeanette
  13. lailasmum

    Complete UK Shipping Module Mow Available

    Hi I am going to shut up now its a very good contribution though-very useful and clear for us beginners. Jeanette
  14. lailasmum

    Complete UK Shipping Module Mow Available

    I have updated my own copy for grams and here are the rates if someone wants them to copy and past quickly. Royal mail first class: 60:.3,100:.46,150:.64,200:.79,250:.94,300:1.07,350:1.21,400:1.4,450:1.59,500:1.7 8,600:2.15,700:2.52,750:2.71,800:2.90,900:3.27,1000:3.64,1250:4.52,1500:5.4,1750: 6.28,2000:7.16 Royal Mail Second class 60:.21,100:.35,150:.47,200:.58,250:.71,300:.83,350:.94,400:1.14,450:1.3,500:1.48 ,600:1.75,700:2,750:2.12, Royal Mail Recorded/registered what ever you want to call it. 60:0.96,100:1.12,150:1.30,200:1.45,250:1.60,300:1.73,350:1.87,400:2.06,450:2.25, 500:2.44,600:2.81,700:3.18,750:3.37,800:3.56,900:3.93,1000:4.30,1250:5.18,1500:6. 06, 1750:6.94,2000:7.82,2250:8.70,2500:9.58,2750:10.46,3000:11.34,3250:12.22,3500:13 .10,3750:13.98 Royal Mail Standard Parcel 1000:3.60,1500:4.63,2000:4.97,4000:7.20,6000:8.17.9,8000:9.32, Royal Mail special delivery 100:3.85,500:4.25,1000:5.35,2000:6.95,10000:19.00 I like the extra insurance feature though that is handy.
  15. lailasmum

    Complete UK Shipping Module Mow Available

    Hi I recommend weighing in grams and redoing the shipping rates for this as some of the modules are in g and some in kg.as in my previous posts - so change all the first class / second class and any other that has weight as a decimal place to g. i.e. 1:3.65, is the same as 1000:3.65. and 0.06:.3, is the same as 60:.3,. dont add g or anything anywhere. If the item weighs 500 grams just put 500, if it weighs 10kg pit 10000 I will post my updated rates later on and am halfway through doing the correct recorded prices so you can copy and paste. The reason no postage option will show up is simply because of this-well i am pretty sure that is the only problem. Jeanette
  16. lailasmum

    Complete UK Shipping Module Mow Available

    Oh and plus the Royal mail standard parcel compensation is only ?30 as standard not ?500-that is extra.
  17. lailasmum

    Complete UK Shipping Module Mow Available

    I have also noticed that royal mail recorded rates don't include the extra 66p it costs and are just the same as the first class rates.
  18. lailasmum

    Complete UK Shipping Module Mow Available

    Hi The rates for the standard parcel module are in g and the rest are in Kg as far as I can see. May confuse some people as it would not return the correct postage costs depending upon wether you weigh in g or kg.I have changed all mine to g. Its simple to change. Other than that its a very good contribution.