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  1. i have oscommerce 2.2, php 4.4.7. discount coupon code 3.31 thanks!!
  2. Hi, Anyone could help with Minimum Order problem? I have set minimum order amount for my codes. But If products total is less than coupon amount, the minimum order amount restriction works. If it is equal or lager than coupon amount, minimum order amount does not work. For example, if I order "10 x K030001=$30", Code "H38K" which is $30 coupon with mini order for $60 will apply to this order. The mini order amount did not restrict this order. But if it was less than $30, it will show on the top with Mini Order have to be $60. Any help please?????!!!!!!!! I passed whole bunch of coupons already. :-( Thanks, here is the website: www.osgmyart.com You could use test visa card: 4111 1111 1111 1111 to try. Thanks!!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Janelee

    Customer Loyalty Discount Scheme

    I installed v1.4, it shows discount rate at user end. But after I place order, the other functions under "My Account", are missing. Such as "View or change my account information. View or change entries in my address book. Change my account password." in "My Account"; "Subscribe or unsubscribe from newsletters. View or change my product notification list" in "Email Notification"; The only thing shows at the same page after place order is "View my orders". Any one please help? This is my website, www.osgmyart.com Also I am not able to edit My address after install V1.4. Thanks!
  4. Janelee

    USPS change

    Yes, I got the same answer from USPS. You don't need to do anything if only use rate calculator. :)
  5. Hi, I am building my e-shop now. And installed USPS shipping module from Admin of osCommerce. Now I am looking for some contribution to add insurance to USPS. Any suggestions? Thanks!!!
  6. Janelee

    Help:Can't open my Catalog/index.php

    Actually, I don't know about that. But I uploaded the original file so it seems ok now. Thanks!
  7. Hi, I installed HeadTags_v_2.5.5, then I tried to add a new page with http://orientalsecretgarden.com/catalog/index.php but after that, I tried to open it, Parse error: parse error, unexpected ':' in D:\hshome\zhengli9\orientalsecretgarden.com\catalog\includes\header_tags.php on line 345 It is like: "case (strstr($_SERVER['PHP_SELF'],FILENAME_HTTP://ORIENTALSECRETGARDEN.COM/CATALOG/INDEX) or strstr($PHP_SELF, FILENAME_HTTP://ORIENTALSECRETGARDEN.COM/CATALOG/INDEX)); $tags_array = tep_header_tag_page(HTTA_HTTP://ORIENTALSECRETGARDEN.COM/CATALOG/INDEX_ON, HEAD_TITLE_TAG_HTTP://ORIENTALSECRETGARDEN.COM/CATALOG/INDEX, " What's wrong with that? And I tried to delete it in Admin/Header tags controller, but it does not work. Thank for help!