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  1. mike1985

    Zones, shipping

    seems like i posted this in the wrong section, an admin/ mod can move it. thanks
  2. mike1985

    Zones, shipping

    hello, i have two shipping methods, United States customer shipping and international shipping, i would like it if a united states customer checks out something all he will see or be able to choose shipping wise would be the United states customer shipping option, same thing goes with the international shipping, so a customer will not accidentally choose the US shipping method while he should have chosen the international shipping method, would the shipping zone option solve this problem? if so how would i go about setting it up, It is kind of confusing to me. also can the shipping information be taken from the customers shipping address to be considered what shipping method that customer is going to get?
  3. mike1985

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    hello, i am having problems with my stock after a person makes a order. the stock never decreases automatically after i installed this contrib. did i miss something? this is really hard for me as i cannot go in and do it manually everytime someone makes an order. i am also sure that this problem started after i installed this contrib, since i did not install anything else after that or before it. thanks
  4. mike1985

    NewsDesk v1.48 Support

    anyone know what could be causing this? thanks
  5. thank you for clearing it up, will do.
  6. mike1985


    hmm, i see. Some how when i do not want to use the auto expire feature, the points rewards system does not work right, but when i do use it, it works fine... weird :blush:
  7. after updating my discount coupon to the latest one with all the fixes i get an error in the discount coupon report, when i enter i get this message. everything else works fine, but the discount coupon report module. 1054 - Unknown column 'dc.number_available' in 'field list' select dc.coupons_id, dc.coupons_discount_percent, dc.number_available, COUNT(dcto.discount_coupons_to_orders_id) AS use_count from discount_coupons AS dc left join discount_coupons_to_orders AS dcto ON dc.coupons_id = dcto.coupons_id group by dc.coupons_id order by use_count desc, dc.coupons_id asc limit 0, 100 [TEP STOP]
  8. mike1985


    apparently you cannot edit a post sooo..... Basically when a customer has points it does not show in the shopping cart box, or in the checkout so that he/she can use it... but it shows in the | my_points.php | page in the tables, but the customer cannot use the points, they are basically there, but unusable for some odd reason.
  9. mike1985


    i am having the same problem even though i went back and double checked on the installtion, still nothing... how did you solve the problem? i am really puzzled about this... :blink:
  10. If you right click on the thumbnails, it should read something like this: http://sitename.com/imagemagic.php?img=z4%...aKDuKWfrFDTl6w%
  11. well since my shop is set up with out the catalog directory can anyone tell me how should i go about chainging it so i can use the watermark image files in the imagemagic option, since all i am getting now is a blank white small box, with out the images that are there. my guess is that since it explains where the directory is for the images =(/catalog/includes/imagemagic/watermarks/) it would not work for a site that is setup like mine which is =(/includes/imagemagic/watermarks/)... hope i explained what im struggling with here clearly, as i do not do it well in most cases :blush:
  12. mike1985

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    i have PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN_v3.1.5, its a diffrent version.
  13. mike1985

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    so i should not worry about the (customers_id, payment_id) that was put in there for the paypal-checkout_IPN?
  14. mike1985

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    i came across a problem while updating my edit order module 1.7XX... when i got to version 2.2 in the admin/inlcudes/classes/order.php file one change is confilicting with my paypal ipn module and i want to know what i can do... problem is on that same line i have (customers_id, payment_id from) right before . TABLE_ORDERS for the paypal ipn module... what should i do?