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  1. Hi! One Problem with OS2.2 MS1 and Gift_Voucher 5.03: At step checkout_confirmation.php all prices are without tax and i don't know why! :cry: :cry: In the adminpanel DISCOUNT COUPONS: And for Gift Voucher: Can anyone help??? The prices in the shopping cart and elsewhere in the shop include tax. This is funny! :wink: PLEASE help me! :) Thank you very much! Best regards Mark
  2. hi! nobody ..... no idea???? :cry: please help me before i?m going crazy! :wink: best regards mark
  3. Hi! I?ve installed Gift_Voucher V5.03 on my oscommerce 2.2 MS1 and fixed known bugs. But there is already one bug - which i can't fix, at step checkout_confirmation.php :cry: : All prices shown without tax - and i don't understand why! (in shopping cart -> the prices includes tax) - this is very funny :wink: Properties of Discount Coupon in the Admin-Panel: Properties of Gift Voucher in the Admin-Panel: Can anyone help me please! :D Thank you very much! Mark
  4. blackhorse

    [Contribution] Cross Sell (X-Sell) Admin

    okay ... it?s fixed! just changed the language id in line 130 /admin/xsell_products.php. it worx! :D best regards mark
  5. blackhorse

    [Contribution] Cross Sell (X-Sell) Admin

    Hi! I?ve just installed the x-selling contrib. The admin Area just look like that: There are no products shown at all! Why?? :shock: Can anyone help? Thank you! Mark