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  1. Hello all! :blush: I'm a bit of a newbie when it comes to using this Contribution system. Right now i'm putting together a shop and found a few contributions that are really appealing to what we want. After exploring around, I've noticed alot of love for the On the Fly and Ultrapics thumbnails systems. Yet, i'm torn on which one would suit our shop best. :( Additionally, which pack to pick within the contribution? There's so many changes and even incomplete additions (some being only a few files added etc) that it gets to be confusing. :'( Could anyone help point me in the right direction or give me some pointers here? It would really mean alot! :wub:
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    edited out: oops wrong thread and post, my apologies. :(
  3. You have just won my attention. Damn.. I'm already feeling impressed mate. I can't wait. Those here in the open source community will aknowledge and appreciate such an achievement. whew.. sounds like you've been really tinkering away at this little beast. :) I honestly can't wait. So it more or less processes the images the same method as this one, only has alot more options on 'how' to process those images? heck, either way it sounds really good!! thanks alot for the reply tom! :D
  4. Tom, I've been wrestling with this script and decided to put things aside for the moment and see what you're up to. Not trying to ask for help, just want to see more of your release. I saw your example you showed and it looks very useful, so cheers for the fine work. I trust it will be geared as a new contribution or addon to this one? Additionally, will there be some nice instructions to go with? For some reason I get hung up on the html_output, I might post my info and see if anyone could help.. *crosses fingers*