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  1. saborchulo


    It may be worth your while to also check this mod PHP 5 No Register Globals Says PHP 5 but should also work with PHP verions >= 4.1.0 Just a suggestion, there may be a reason that the mod you are inquiring about will work better for your particular situation. Support thread here: Support Thread
  2. saborchulo

    Master Products - MS2

    I have made it work on the newest release but it was on a site where I completely modified the front end, so I don't have what an install would look like on a fresh install of OSC. It was terrible to implement trying to follow just plain comments but as for the error juanmanuel is getting paste this in the index.php file instead of what is currently shown in the index.php file included with the package, it will fix that error. There are so many posts in that contribution list that I simply used the last full version that was posted by the original author Master Products - 1.1.5.
  3. saborchulo

    PHP 5 No Register Globals

    Excellent, glad it is working so far. Thanks for posting.
  4. saborchulo

    PHP 5 No Register Globals

    As a side note, this mod should also work for Osc shops running on PHP version >= 4.1.0 where the predefined $_SESSION super global is supported. In this scenario the register_long_arrays ini setting doesn't apply since the HTTP_*_VARS are available by default in >PHP 4.1.0.
  5. This is a mod that allows a OSC cart running on PHP5 to have the register_globals option disabled. Tried to keep this as with other mods I have done, as far from editing original osc code as possible. Only one minor tweak to a general osc function is required. If you use it or have a bug or question then do so here. Most of the documentation and requirements are in zip file.
  6. saborchulo

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Yea see that is one of the discrepancies I was talking about. The $ei_image_dir variable already includes the the full path to the image directory as defined by the OSC global configure.php file. So I would make it img src="' . $ei_image_dir . 'borders/maingrey_06.gif" so no matter what you may have named your image directory or your catalog directory, it will map back correctly to the image directory as defined by your installation.
  7. saborchulo

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    @storeman_suede The best way to define language variables is through the invoice.php language file, and then "echo" them into the HTML side.
  8. saborchulo

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    I think some of the problems is that there are 2 codebases going on right now, alot of the fixes that have been already addressed in the Email Invoice mod since the last update don't seem to be updated in the Fancier invoice zip file, for instance the file temp_cache.php is still included in the Facier invoice package but has been deprecated since the last update that was done back on May 5. I would recommend using the following instructions to install the email invoice portion of the package. This file is also included in the latest package. Click Here Now I will work on looking at the current codebase of the Fancier Invoice mod and merge them with the latest updates of the email invoice mod just to make sure things run more smoothly from here on out. As far as the other modules are concerned, I will work on some of the issues as they come up.
  9. saborchulo

    Email Invoice 1.0

    Will do I will track that forum
  10. saborchulo

    Email Invoice 1.0

    PoptheTop I fixed this in my last update of this mod. What was causing this was the at the bottom of the php template files, so that way it uses the inclusion that is defined in the checkout_process.php file. After removing this bit of code at the bottom and thoroughly placing test orders, the cart was deleted after each order was confirmed on a clean installation of OSC2.2-MS2. To everyone installing the latest update, I would recommend doing it from scratch, if you had a previous version. Pop I know you have a more custom version and I think I saw on another thread that you solved it.
  11. saborchulo

    Batch Order Center Update 1.1

    Wow how this contrib has grown, back in the day when I created this mod I had no idea how much it would grow, I was so busy with my job I couldn't give it the support it needed. Radders what an amazing job you have done with this contrib, much props. Much props to the people that converted it to the new release (well newer than MS1 anyways). Not much was available at the time to create PDFs, but of course now there are more classes to develop and output PDF files. Can't wait to take a look at all the new code and see how it has progressed. :thumbsup:
  12. saborchulo

    Email Invoice 1.0

    @Gabbadude and everyone else, the update had been loaded! This resolves the issues with the shopping cart not resetting after the email has been sent. Sending a mulitpart email to support both HTML and plain text email clients. Also a much easier to follow HTML installation file.
  13. saborchulo

    Email Invoice 1.0

    Gabbadude, I ask that you please be patient, I am in the process of finalizing an update that will address your concerns, and some other polishing that I have completed since this contribution was submitted. It won't be much longer.
  14. saborchulo

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    Popthetop had this issue on the other thread I believe he said I guess open up the /home/vpperfor/public_html/admin/includes/languages/english/invoice.php file and at the very bottom of the file look for the closing ?> tag and make sure there is not an extra space after it. It worked for him so it may work for you also.
  15. saborchulo

    Fancier Invoice & Packingslip v1.0

    If you are using phpmyadmin try copying and pasting the queries into the Run Sql Queries window. A couple of people have had to do that, it may work for you.