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  1. valuedepot

    Automated FedEx Labels

    Does anyone know of a way to set up a cron job or something so that when the package is delivered, it can check and set the status to delivered so that I do not have to do it manually. Please advise as I think this would be a really great feature.
  2. valuedepot

    Automated FedEx Labels

    Any answer on this?
  3. valuedepot

    Automated FedEx Labels

    do i need to contact them to get onto the production server? I put it into production mode and i can print labels just fine. Does that mean my labels will work or is there anything else that I need to do? Thanks, JT
  4. anyone still on this thread?
  5. Hello, I am trying to set this contrib up for my web site. I have it all set up, but I am using it for something specific. I only have a few products that are oversized, hence the reason I am using Indiv Ship. If a customer purchases an item that is oversized I want the flat rate to show up. However, if the customer also purchases something smaller in the same purchase as well, I want to use the calculated amount of the smaller item and then add the indiv ship amount for the larger item. Is there a way to acomplish this? Thanks, JT
  6. valuedepot

    STS with Ebay Auction Manager(Auctionblox)

    Can anybody out there offer me any help on this?
  7. Hello, I am working on getting a new site set up and I purchased a template from the internet and applied it to the site and it appears to use the Simple Template System. Everything works on the site here at: http://www.valuedepot.net But the AuctionBlox Page does not work: http://www.valuedepot.net/auction_finder.php Please let me know if you can help. Thanks, Jeff