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  1. aboriginart

    [Contribution] Auction Module

    Anyone reading these posts ... I have installed the auctions system .. GREAT IDEA BUT OUCH . so many programming erros and deficiencies: [1] E-mail set up does not work [2] Multi currency bidding doea not work [3] We the auctin is over is the item supposed to add itself to the client shopping cart? If so that does not work either ANy help you can offer would be great as this is fundamentally a great idea that needs to follow the protocols of os Commerce.. multi language, multi currency etc Anyone who has some time ? ieas etc we'd gladly pay you to correct these deficiencies. Peter
  2. aboriginart

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    Hi, I love the idea of the more detailed whos_online enhancement [vers 1.7 ] I like the click thru to my store to see what clients are looking at and to the ISP to see where they are from. BUT the bots never seem to show up as bots - I know what some of the ISP numbers [especially google] are and they just dont seem to be picked up by the program as bots? I'm sure I have installed it correctly. Do I need I do something to the catalog/includes/spiders file? Suggestions and help appreciated Peter
  3. aboriginart

    Who's Online Enhancement 1.4

    I think it's a great enhancement but am unable to complete the installation. I need help with making the changes to phpMyAdmin files and can't seem to get it right. I am inexperienced at this. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ THIS PART: 1) Backup SQL Database, and all files affected by this contribution.<br> <br> 2A) Run this line on your MySQL database <b>if you've <strong>never</strong> installed a previous version of this contribution!</b> (through phpMyAdmin, SSH, etc.):<br> <code>ALTER TABLE whos_online ADD http_referer VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;</code><br> <br> 2B) This is brand new for v1.6.1 Beta. Run this line on your MySQL database.</b> (through phpMyAdmin, SSH, etc.):<br> <code>ALTER TABLE whos_online ADD user_agent VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;</code><br> <br> ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I keep getting an error message that the #1103 Incorrect table name HELP! Peter