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  1. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...nes+contrib+920 Check out that contrib, Zones International Default, sounds like what you might be after :)
  2. Cowzor

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    Dank veel Meneer Howard!
  3. Cowzor

    Estimated Shipping Costs

    I must have mucked something up.. but the title of the Estimated Shipping box when displayed to the customer is: TABLE_HEADING_ESTIMATED_SHIPPING I can't see where I went wrong on the installation of it, and everything works perfectly. I used V1.5 with UPS support (I didn't need to, I just hadn't read this thread first so grabbed the latest version) It's been installed on my shopping_cart.php Any ideas? I realise it's a painfully obvious thing.. I just don't know php at all :blush: I saw that site also but I can't remember what it was.. however I am also interested in this. But I also remember someone mentioning that you would then end up with multiple totals for each different freight rate (unless you only have one shipping option)
  4. Cowzor

    [contribution] Total B2B

    I sure hope so, I was just going through my page-long list of contributions to add and found it wasn't there anymore!
  5. I've installed this contrib (thanks BTW) but ofcourse now any old links are getting a page-not-found error I know there is a line of code you can put in the .htacess that will redirect any broken links back to the main page but I can't find it anywhere, anyone know offhand?
  6. Cowzor

    cDynamic Meta Tags

    Hi, I noticed this in the install instruction which you might want to update if it needs it but shouldn't the last line look more like That's what I've done anyway, because otherwise I get errors Greeat contrib BTW ! :thumbsup:
  7. Hi I'm wondering if there is a web-stats contrib out there, I found one called 'Web Stats' but it seems to be more oriented to a slightly different task I'm looking for something which can show eg Where people are comming from What keywords they are using to get to my site from a search engine like google other things like that If the other web stats contrib already does this my bad.. it just doesn't mention it in the docs for it.. thanks :thumbsup:
  8. Like the topic says, I can get to the contribs page, go into indervidual contributions, read comments posted, but, where oh where is the button to download the contribution? [edit] also I can see the 'Adda file to this package' button, but ofcourse that's not quite the one I'm looking for..