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  1. vindex

    tva intracom

    maybe for you ... Source : Headers Already Sent (oscommerce.info)
  2. here mi htacess do you see anything wrong
  3. sorry, but the problem continue :blink: on the fresh install: Ultimate_SEO_URLSv21d_UPDATED Windows / Xampp page isn't redirecting properly
  4. when i turn off ultimate seo in admin side my site, dont work i test in local with "xampp" when i click on any product ... firefox or explorer cant find anything any idea please :blush:
  5. sorry .... bad place :(
  6. I "play" with this contribution ;) i changed ... color / images / add a third level ... all is ok thank you for your time and work
  7. Thank you FWR Media ist work fine, now :rolleyes:
  8. ok here the fonction: how to change ? ... please :-"
  9. I had the same error test this: in "xampp\htdocs\seo\includes\classes\seo.class.php" FIND: line 729 return htmlspecialchars(utf8_encode($return)); CHANGE BY: // return htmlspecialchars(utf8_encode($return)); // change for action buy return(utf8_encode($return)); and , of course ... backup before !!
  10. hi when i turn off "seo url v.2.1d update" my site ... turn off when i click on any product Apache server cant find the page ... if seo url v.2.1d update ... turn on....All is ok :blink: seo url v.2.1d update is installed on the fresh install oscommerce rc2a. i work on local server "XAMMP" Other thing: How to remove "osCsid" with sSeo url ? any idea welcome :-" thank you in advance
  11. hi, can i install (just for test) in Windows .. with "XAMPP" ? when i try, i get an "500 error message" thank you :)
  12. vindex

    Customer Private Messages

    Here: 1............ 2............... make a file "private_message.gif" and put him in "catalog/images"
  13. i have this message: how to "translate" this query in .... Mysql 5 ? sql query in "star product" many tanks :blush:
  14. vindex

    RSS News

    Well... Now if i change my link: result: no link in the rss :blink: and how to force break line ? i saw in "rss_news_create.php" this line below: <td><?php echo tep_draw_textarea_field('rss_item_desc', 'hard', 36, 5, tep_not_null($rss_item_desc) ? $rss_item_desc : ''); ?> </td> thank for your times :)
  15. vindex

    RSS News

    hi Jack_mcs :) l have a few "problems" with RSS News Creation when i put this rss... is ok ... http://www.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/nyt/MovieNews.xml BUT with my rss .... it's wrong http://www.#####.info/shopping/feeds/canon.xml look below: If i use this rss below .... its work perfectly :blink: http://www.nytimes.com/services/xml/rss/nyt/MovieNews.xml :'( PS sorry for my "english" :blush: