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  1. rahulbaba

    cvv2 for entire order

    Thanks Got it working for the store and it takes the CVV code and shows in final checkout but its still not writing i to DB. In admin it shows me blank when i click on order details and in DB the the cc_cvv2 still havent recorded anything. Help Me Thanks
  2. There must be something with the seseeion ID the admin acess creates and the link waht Easy populate gives for download. all the links gets assigned with the seesion ID created by Admin Acess Contribution and then shows in browsers. Filename typed manually will redirect to the login. after looging in it generates a URL for any page like this one http://www.wisdomindia.org/admin/easypopul...b0120b148aacdf1 wherein osCAdminID=73934c6778d065e2cb0120b148aacdf1 is generated by the Admin Access COntribution changes and the ling what easy populate generates for downloading the files is like http://www.wisdomindia.org/admin/easypopul...eam&dltype=full Since it doesnt have the osCAdminID=73934c6778d065e2cb0120b148aacdf1 in it te page will simply takeen to the login area again and then since it generates a new session the person comes in circle again. Forgive me i am horrible in programming but i explained this thing here just because this is what my logic is saying now. Any good php programmer can see the difference. so if i paste the url generated by easy populate with the osCAdminID=73934c6778d065e2cb0120b148aacdf1 by the rule of php then i guess i will be bale to download the file. Not sure serached for forums and people have faced the problems but havent found any solution so faar
  3. Hi EP has been allways my Favourite contribution. I am setting up a bookstore right now which has EP installed and was working great untill i installed Admin Access Level 2.2a. After adding a finame to box i can see the easypopulate link and it functions just usual the real problem is when i want to download the Tab Delimated file to pc. whenever I try to export or download updated files, all EP does when I click on the download link is take me to the admin login page. nothing to download, nothing in the temp directory when I chose to create rather than download. The situation is horrible esepcially when i am about to finish the project by adding all the products and give to client in last stage is someone facing the same problem.. Reply back. Thanks in Adavance
  4. Ok this is how i got it working. Since i moved cataogaries to the header as per the template design new files of this cotribution (leftcolumn.php and right coumn was giving problem however the author has marked ==>> carefully in the code so it was easy to see whats going wrong. Once installed its really a great contribution
  5. Hello Jack Mine is actually a Template BAsed OS commerce box wherein the Catagores are included in includes/header.php if i remove the include header.php from the code then the file runs just fine functional. however it doesnt have the look and feel of my template and it shows the catagories and other things in default installations manner. So i just want a info that if my Catagaries are declared in the header what i should remove from my file... Warm Regards... Rahul
  6. Hi i ave just install this contribution and after looking at the admin area the features and simplification looks really great. Though my Admin area is working just great i am facing errors on links.php and links_submit.php with follwoing error Fatal error: Cannot redeclare tep_show_category() (previously declared in E:\inetpub\vhosts\wisdomindia.org\httpdocs\includes\header.php:160) in E:\inetpub\vhosts\wisdomindia.org\httpdocs\includes\boxes\categories.php on line 13 Has anyone faced similar kind of Error? Also i run the file links_setup.php befor i changed the before filemodifications. So step 3 befor step 2 can this be the reason.? (however i tried restoring the database and the file run but no luck although) What could be the possible reason? Thanks in Advance