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  1. Update: the search function for each topic is a blessing. I found the solution to my problem, and everything is working fine. Just for the record, the solution can be found in this post I've done preliminary testing; it works: products in the category listing have discounts applied whether or not they have attributes, products outside of the allowed listing do not get discounts. Thank you anyway.
  2. I've installed this contribution, version 5.10, with OSC 2.2 ms2. Everything works in good order, except for a nagging problem. When setting up the discount coupons, I've entered the a list of valid categories of products that can receive the coupon. Problem is, if any product in those categories has options (i.e. an item of clothing with different sizes, or a video with VHS and DVD as options for purchase) when the product goes into the cart, the module isn't recognising it as part of the categories listed, and as such, it isn't applying the discount at all. I've tried entering the product individually in the products list, and entering the product along with the selection option (i.e. 396{9}36 instead of just 396). It is still not working. I've verified it with other products in the same category that have no options, and the discount applies to them correctly. The client is suggesting making one full "product" per option so the discount works. Needless to say, I think this is madness, and will generate lots of unnecessary work in the future. Questions then, has anybody else found this problem, and more importantly, has anybody actually solved it, or know of a solution? Thank you!