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    osCommerce site and Forums update notice

    So the old version is.... blah, blah, blah. We get it, we know that. The new version is... blah, blah, blah. Still get it, still know that. So the >v4 addons are gone because the old version is... or is it because the new version is...? Makes no sense either way. There actually are users that actually realized the old version's of osCommerce were at EOL status, many who were probably weighing business decisions on how and when to change software. Some of those many users were probably keeping an eye on the new V4, waiting until they feel they can change and build up to meet their shops already existing requirements that there existing osCommerce shop has been customized to meet. Do you not realize how many existing users may want to look back at the old contributions they have had installed through the years? Maybe they have an issue and want to see the original code for debugging, upgrading it to work on modern server setups, etc; Maybe they want to see what it would take to "modernize" an older contribution, or completely make a new addon based on just the "idea" of an old contribution. Anyway you look at it, you alienated countless established users when taking down the old addons. You can repeat how the old version is "...", and the new version is "..." all you want, it doesn't help. People here are not dumb, they're smart enough to already know that. They're smart enough to make changes when their business allows, and they're also smart enough to find another software that will meet their business needs when the time for that change comes. Now all that was primarily the shop owner point of view in me. So how about the developer standpoint? With a quick look, on the surface, the new code shares a lot of the old code. Even makes use of a modified theme system that was an old addon, looks like maybe BTS? or something similar. So that says, hey I can take some old addons, redevelop them, and release them as new addons! But, maybe like, y'know, Holbi had the same idea. So lets just cutoff access to all those old ideas and maybe release the most popular as new and improved paid addons! You have every right to do it too. I feel like your going to push more away than you attract by removing the addons. Such a nonissue just to restore them, such a shit move not too. And believe me, people who know who I am, know I am all too familiar with shit moves and osCommerce. Either way, best of luck.
  2. GLWalker

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Meet the new boss, same as the old boss...
  3. GLWalker

    New management and osCommerce v4

    MAN have I missed this place!
  4. This is the support thread for the Customer Service Portal https://apps.oscommerce.com/xihXD&customer-service-portal The primary goal of the Customer Support Portal is to allow osCommerce shop owners to allow their employees to work on order fulfillment and customer support inquiries without having to allow direct admin access. Additionally it serves as a full fledged order placement system that will work with a shops existing payment methods, as well as a couple of new payment modules that could be useful in case alternate means of payment processing are desired, or in person cash sales are needed. The Customer Support Portal also allows a true guest checkout option. No customer is created if this option is used. All customer information is stored only in the actual order information. There is a quick link in the Customer Portal Header menu that allows guest orders to be viewed separately from the rest of the store orders. Please note that in the ht_customer_service module settings there is an email field to fill out, by default it uses the store owners set email address. This email is used for certain functions within the Customer Service Portal, such as a placeholder email in guest account creation. It will always be populated on the guest customers information field, just to skip the additional step of gathering an email address from a guest. Whenever done with guest accounts, or even logging into an existing customers account always go back to the dashboard. This resets the session for that particular customer. If you are in a customers account, then you have to take on a session allowing you to access their info, the dashboard kills any sessions that are not related directly to you the customer service agent. If you are using the cash payment option, you will need to adjust the sort order of you order total module sp that the order totals and cash back amounts are computed correctly. Helpful Videos: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cwaid91cp1A&feature=youtu.be https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dLgiD1FoTj4&feature=youtu.be Known issues: This plugin has been used in working shops for a number of years and proven to be stable. There are howver 2 issues I am aware of. 1) If a product in the cart has attributes, the update quantity field wont work properly. If a different quantity is desired, just delete it and add the correct quantity from the product listing itself. 2) I have not noticed this until testing on PHP 7.0, when using the cash payment option, the update button needs to be clicked twice. Feel free to post with comments or suggestions.
  5. GLWalker

    [Contribution] Customer Support Portal

    Hi everyone, thanks for the input thus far, I probably rushed into getting it ready for the BS Community edition, and overlooked a few things. If anyone is using the standard 2.3.XX download, use the first version I uploaded, should be fine. I'll make more changes and upload, I've been n the middle of a move, so this was my first chance back online since the last time I posted. As for the GitHub recommendation, I have been thinking of that too, so expect to see a repo soon. Existing order editing - this doesn't do that - but if there's enough interest it could.
  6. GLWalker

    [Contribution] Customer Support Portal

    New update addressing errors here uploaded. Another update will come addressing specials price. The price does show as special while in the cart, just not in the product listing.
  7. GLWalker

    [Contribution] Customer Support Portal

    Just searched around on this file and it appears that it was only being used with USPS module, and it's outdated as well, so it was removed from the BS version.
  8. GLWalker

    [Contribution] Customer Support Portal

    Code has been updated for compatibility with Bootstrap Community version. Please report any further bugs.
  9. GLWalker

    [Contribution] Customer Support Portal

    Ahhh, yes.. forgot about those changes for the BS edition - my most recent testing was on the standard download. I'll make changes and update. Thanks for the feedback.
  10. GLWalker

    Admin responsive sidebar with bootstrap

    Thats pretty sharp looking. Good job.
  11. Need coffee...

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      Nice to hear from you again Gary. :smile::thumbsup:

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  12. Soviet interference by Soviet premier Putin! LOL! What a croc.

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      Da, comrade. And just today, FBI director Comey was sacked for letting his investigation get too close to our Dear Leader.

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      In that vein: Fly Me to the Moon https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mhZ2X9znPxM and Bam, Pow, to the Moon!

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  13. Pretty handy reference/cheat sheets for developers: http://overapi.com/

  14. Big thumbsup to all who have been working away at the Responsive Build and building addons for it.

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      So where have you been?

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      Working new job. Congrats on Member of the Month!

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      Thanks Gary and welcome back...you've been missed.

  15. New payment module - Realex Realauth HPP added to addons.

  16. Recently Ive been developing a very large addon for store owners to allow their employess to use without having to give them access to the store admin. A employee may view and process orders, email customers, create customer accounts, edit ordrs, and take orders over the phone using its own built in checkout process. Orders can be made for existing customers or strictly guest. Anyhow, while using the mod, it dawned on me that I had esencially created a method of making guest orders for customers that call in and do not want an account. Any order took this way goes into a customer account that is stricly owned by the store, and the address books can be set to a higher number than the regular customer accounts. So I was wondering, with the couple of guest checkouts available, - 1 deletes customer info after checkout, the other flags it as guest and allows the guest to become customer later. I think for guest you should not keep account data if you tell them they are a guest! Why not create a simple flow for guest that is very unintrusive to the core code by: 1) Have a select guest option - when initiated a session is set, lets call it guest_order. If guest_order is set, then the customer_id is the same as the stores customer account. 2) After setting the session, the guest is then directed to the store's customer accounts address book process where they enter their address, with the session set there will also be two more fields in the address book, phone and email. 3) After filling out complete address info, then two more sessions are set for phone and email, they would work very much like the comments session. 4) Customer goes throught the checkout and when checkout_process is initiated it takes the session info for phone and email and inserts it rather than the stores defualt info. Then it clears the phone and email session. - Probably delete any address book entries made as well. But thats another area that would be handled by session assignment as well. 5) On checkout success guest_order session is cleared, order is done, customer can move on. All the while the guest_order session is set certian things need to be disabled, such as access to account areas. Most of this could all be done using a header tag module. The checkout process would need some editing to tell it if guest_phone/guest_email exist then insert this else default. Unless it is possible to override it with a header tag module - but I dont think so. Overall a lot less code changes, no database changes, and orders page would have all the info needed for contacting customer. So far as I can figure in this scenario, - only 2 to 4 core files to change. Or 1 file, checkout_process, and then add new files for the address book/checkout new address selections. Thoughts?
  17. Disadvantaged children need your help to buy video game systems and other items of no real value. DONATE NOW

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  18. Havent had much time in the playground lately. These time outs get longer and longer.

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      Got my Christmas present early this year so gong to play later :)

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      @joli1811 - Gongs are always useful xmas gifts..... :)

  19. GLWalker

    Purchase Without an Account?

    I should have known, you cannot use 0 as first character in a column that is INT - it just strips to the next whole number on insert - however - INT does allow - so the random customer_id is set to start with - followed by a few randomly generated and shuffled numbers. Looking in the database table it makes it very easy to see which are quest orders as the - is very easy to spot at a glance - and I like how it represents negative in the case of a non account holding customer. I did not realize that mySQL has built in regex checking, so it was very simple to create a search query using REGEXP to find the customer_id starting with a - . https://dev.mysql.com/doc/refman/5.1/en/regexp.html#operator_regexp http://www.guru99.com/regular-expressions.html all these hidden gems
  20. GLWalker

    Purchase Without an Account?

    @@burt Ah yes, I remeber seeing your screenshot or video for that a few months ago :thumbsup: @@wHiTeHaT I have confimed a random generated customer_id will work with multiple "guest checkouts if we set the id VIA session key to bypass any create account functions we can go to the address_book, dynamically add a session based email and phone number, then collect the standard address info - BAM! order complete, all info recorded, email updates can be sent out. So this bypasses any script that would want to update customer, customer_info tables, and prevents an anwanted welcome email, yet still allows for an order success email. I did 2 orders at the same time simutaniously running open windows of the same browser - no conflicts, 1 a COD order, the other using Stripes test CC numbbers which had to create a connection to process I set the random IDs to begin with 00, this way I think I can set up a search function to lookup only the guest orders using a match first two as 00 - as a real customer will never have an id that starts with 00. But thats not on a default install, but Im sure a little tweaking can get it there. Maybe next year it will see the light of day. If done correctly, it should port over to the next version with little adjustment :-
  21. GLWalker

    Purchase Without an Account?

    Yes, you brought up a lot I overlooked on a regular customer account. For what I am building it is no problem becuase the files are all controlled within their own private area and I can bypass the update to customer info if it is a guest. Still though, it makes me think about better ways to achieve a guest checkout - making a temporary account is good, but Im looking into how to do it without hacking the core :)
  22. GLWalker

    Purchase Without an Account?

    Both being on account at same time is possible, - but you did remind me of a very important aspect I overlooked - the shopping cart. Perhaps a customer_id could just be randomly generated and set by session. As for the customer data it is all stored in the orders table so the customer is still notified VIA any admin order updates. And of course a token for checking updates would work well. Overall - trying to put the concept of very little to no core updates into the process. Can it be done? I think so. But now I must recode my addon to try using a random ID in case 2 or more employess are taking strictly "guest" orders at the same time. +1
  23. Cant find my hat!

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