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  1. Winterchild

    Image Uploading

    Try this contribution: Categories and Products Images Folder Tree
  2. Winterchild

    Upload error on Easy Populate.

    You might want to read and post in the EasyPopulate support thread
  3. Winterchild

    PWA problems

    Look at the PWA support thread (linked to a relevant post I think)
  4. Winterchild

    Urgent help with shipping by zones!

    Go to admin->configuration->shipping and packaging Set tare weight to 0 and try again.
  5. Winterchild

    Help whit extra page.

    That's okay, didn't mean to sound irritated. Just pointing you in the right direction. I hope..
  6. Winterchild

    Help whit extra page.

    I told you to read and post in the STS contribution support thread. Next thing I see is you posting the same question in a new thread.
  7. Winterchild

    Help whit extra page.

    I already replied in your previous post on this topic. Please don't multipost the same topic.
  8. Winterchild

    EasyPopulate Newbie Problems

    Please read and post in the Easy populate support thread
  9. Winterchild

    Getting weird output from Ultimate SEO

    It's supposed to work like that. It generates a SID first, puts it behind the URL. On next page refresh it's gone (now it's in a cookie) unless your customer doesn't accept cookies
  10. Winterchild

    Error in index.php when i try to enter admin

    No, just say that you posted wrongly and it's okay
  11. Winterchild

    Help plz!

    Search is your friend Search tip: +"setting up" +GBP
  12. Winterchild

    Error in index.php when i try to enter admin

    Read and post your question in SPPC support thread
  13. Have you configured admin -> modules -> total order?
  14. Winterchild

    Problem with opening Module

    Open it with winRAR
  15. Winterchild

    Idiots Guide

    You need to follow the instructions that came with the contribution. Most of the time you can make the changes to your database by running the sql file in phpmyadmin. You can go to the database in phpmyadmin, select sql and then you can select a file. run the file.
  16. Winterchild

    Cost Price + Margin

    As I understand it Craig wants to fill in cost price and margin and the customer sees a price which is cost price plus margin. Not the cost price and margin seperate. There's a contribution to put in cost but not a margin. As far as I know such a contribution does not exist. I had to create something myself..
  17. Winterchild

    Easy populate Quick Question

    And if you forget the first slash? store-phots/pic.jpg In the future post your questions about EP here: Easy populate support thread
  18. Winterchild

    Downloaded contribution in GZ format

    Sorry, still on trial From their site: Number of copies Price per copy 1 $29 2 $23 3 - 5 $20 6 - 9 $17.50 10 - 24 $13.70 25 - 49 $10.00 50 - 99 $7.50 100 - 199 $5.40 200 - 499 $4.60 500 - 999 $3.10 Site license $1500 Unlimited Please ask
  19. Winterchild

    Downloaded contribution in GZ format

    Get WinRAR. Opens this type too (.tar.gz)
  20. Winterchild

    easypopulate access program

    Search for ep assistant on contributions page
  21. Winterchild

    Problem with popups (STS)

    Have you read this? STS contribution support thread Read first. Still a problem. Post your question in the STS support thread.
  22. Winterchild

    shipping calculator?

    You mean something like this? estimated shipping costs
  23. Yes, but if your code looks like that in the file on the server it won't work. For one thing the // won't be in the right positions. Line breaks are necessary.
  24. I think your problem is solved if you can save the changed text with the line breaks intact. Can't help with what text-editor to use though...