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  1. cyrill666

    Official PayPal IPN Support Thread

    Hello, I have been using this contribution for a while now, but there's one little problem that has been alluded to elsewhere on this site that's now causing serious headaches for us. Customers are using the order comments field to store individual information as part of an order for personalised a item - this is fine - we ask them to do that. However, with the best will in the world, not everyone will press that crucial "complete your order confirmation" button in Paypal. Now granted, with this contribution we do receive order details regardless of this final button press - but what we don't get is the order comments... It's getting a little embarassing having to contact clients after placement of the order for details they had already provided. Can anyone suggest a way of storing the customers comments with the order, ideally - prior to jumping through to Paypal? Thank you. Kind regards, Gary.
  2. cyrill666

    EZ_Price_Updater updated for MS2 2.2

    I'm looking for a contribution that will allow me to update all products individually, but on the same page... if that makes sense. This contribution sounded ideal, and indeed looks ideal - however when I look at the price list the price fields are marked as READONLY - does anyone know why that would be? Thanks.
  3. Hi, I almost have this working, but I find that when I use Paypal IPN to process payment, the delivery date is never recorded - however, if I use the standard Payment on delivery option, the delivery date is recorded just fine.... Any pointers would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. cyrill666

    Currency issues with Paypal IPN.

    Aha... sorted it now thanks - I had the "Payment Zone" set to UK, I have now set that to "--none--" and it looks to be working ok. Cheers, Cyrill666
  5. cyrill666

    Currency issues with Paypal IPN.

    Hi, I have set up the Paypal IPN - spending quite a lot of time working out how to configure SSL certificates etc. I think I'm almost there now - I'm testing with the Paypal sandbox - when I pass the order through I see the message: Now this has confused me somewhat as my store only has one currency (GBP), and both my merchant and customer test paypal accounts are UK. Can anyone shed some light on this and where I'm going wrong? Kind regards, Cyrill666 :thumbsup: