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  1. Are you positive? I'm pretty sure it shouldn't. They're definately not equivilent on my server. I know you should use '&' when outputting an amersand in content to conform to web standards, but i've never seen it used in the url, and i'm 99% sure it doesn't work nor does it belong. The bug can be seen again when you first change the manufacturer in the drop down and then try sort those results by, say price. You end up with a url string that looks like: xxx.html?sort=5a&page=1&sort=4d&filter_id=43 It's a minor bug in an otherwise great contribution.
  2. Can someone please check the above issue for me on your server? I'm pretty sure it will arise as I've just installed the contribution on a blank osc install and same thing.
  3. Great contributions thanks! Only have one problem: On product listing pages where there is a manufacturers drop down to filter products by manufacturer, if I select a manufacturer the resulting url look like this: xxx.html?filter_id=13&sort=3a for some reason it's inserting an '&' instead of just '&'. Which means the sort variable is not processed. Is anyone else having this issue? Not long ago I was testing a previous version of this contribution and didn't have this problem.
  4. Barido

    Master Products - MS2

    Hi, i've successfully installed master products. Just having a few minor issues. If I add a slave product to my cart. Go into my cart, click the slave product it takes me back to the slave product, i'd like it to take me back to the master product. Clicking the image in the cart does do this however -see screenshot. I think there is a solution posted earlier in the thread but it doesn't seem to work for me. Another issue: I made the suggested changes to the advanced_search_results.php so only masters were displayed. But if a slaves model number is searched for it really should appear as a result. If clicked it should go to the master products. A few people have posted this issue with no response... Any help appreciated!! Great mod though keep up the good work!