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  1. Great contribution, but I am noticing that it doesn't work out as well as it is intended too. When you go to the main product that has "recommended products" you can either buy the main product which takes you to a different page and you no longer see the "recommended products". Or if you click on any one of the "recommended products" you are taken to their product info page, but youy have not added the main product to your basket yet. So waht is happening is you are really not upselling or cross selling, it is just showing other products. I would think that the "recommended products" should show up in the shopping_cart.php page instead of the product_info.php page. Say you add a product to your cart, then go to the cart and it would show the "recommended products" there. Then you already have the main product ready for purchase, and now moving to the "recommended products" product info page would allow you to add them as well. Just seems more logical and would flow better. If anyone has some thoughts on how to implement this into the shopping_cart.php page, please do so. Thanks.
  2. First off I wanted to thank Ian and everyone else who has worked on this modification. I did have a question on it though, and so far I have not been able to locate any relevent information. I am looking to have a gift voucher or coupon automatically sent to my customers when they order a specific product. Basically One of the sites I work on is a software developer. One of the items we have in the cart is the Trial Version of the software, which we send out for free + shipping. I would like to be able to send our customers a coupon or voucher for the shipping amount (say $10.00 or whatever) that will be available if they decide to purchase the full product. Basically crediting their initial shipping cost to the final purchase. Does that all make sense? I would really like to be able to do this when the status of the order is changed (to Shipped for example), but if it is possible in some other way that would work too. Anyway, I hope someone has some ideas, thanks for your time. Again thanks for the great contribution!
  3. Thanks for the great contribution! Makes some of the repetetive stuff easier. Although having the different items added into the DB for easy changes would be nice. But works great, thanks again!
  4. McClay

    Gift Voucher 4.1 checkout problem

    I am using the CVS from 1-16-2003, and had this problem after installation of the GV contributions. I was able to locate the get_content_type in the latest CVS, didn't do the back check to see when it was added exactly. I did copy the newer function, from the latest CVS, and was able to get thing running. I have several contributions added now, along with many of my own tweaks so I am sure this won't be the last of my problems :)
  5. McClay

    Gift Voucher 4.1 checkout problem

    Hello, I am getting the same error after installing the GV 4.1 contribution. Haven't found a solution for this either.