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  1. bjraybould

    paying by installments

    Do you what files and the specific changes I need to make in order be able to use Authorize.net's Automated Recurring Billing ARB system? I am using contribution number 2184, by Matt Williams (Authorize.Net Consolidated 1.7 with Curl Fix, 1.7b.) Thank You! (From Authorize.net website: ARB enables you to create ?subscriptions? for recurring billings. Simply enter the customer?s payment information, billing amount, and a specific billing interval and duration. ARB automatically generates the subsequent recurring transactions for you)
  2. bjraybould

    Which Authorize.net module to use?

    This is what I am using successfully: Updated: Contribution number 2184, by Matt Williams Authorizenet Consolidated v1.7b.zip Authorize.Net Consolidated 1.7 with Curl Fix, 1.7b I also made this change in authorizenet.php after reading a topic in this forum forum topic //commented out following line // $response_vars = explode(',', $response[0]); //added following line $response_vars = $response;
  3. bjraybould

    Official thread for Great Categories

    Could you let me know how you did this mod rewrite? I checked contribution 2626 and there is a warning that this modification is not for a beginner. thank you barry
  4. bjraybould

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Is there a modification to the Step-By-Step Manual Order Entry or the Attitude Simple Manual Order Entry contribution to work with the downloads controller? At the moment, when you create an order, as far as I can make out, nothing gets added to the orders_products_download table. I've searched the forums but cannot find anything about this question. thanks for any input on this. Barry
  5. bjraybould

    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    Thanks Jared for your reply. As I understand it, if you leave the order tracking section and then return, you have to re-enter your new profit margin as it does not remember the last profit margin you entered? Is that how it is supposed to work? Barry
  6. bjraybould

    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    Could you help clarify this fix please. It looks very useful. I've added the fix after line 357 of orders_tracking.php and now have the following code. Each time I click the orders_tracking in the admin panel though it forgets the year and gross profit rate. Am I missing something? Also I'm not sure I understand the context of "if a year has been entered as part of the URL" What URL are we talking about here? thank you for working on this excellent contribution Barry
  7. The latest release of this useful contribution 2784 ( 18 Feb 2005 - More Control to costumers.php) causes a problem with search in customers.php. the 18 Feb release has better features than the previous release, but has this search problem. Does anyone have a fix for this?
  8. bjraybould

    Recover Cart Sales

    I've tracked down the problem to this contribution: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2784 It is some problem in the latest post - 18 Feb 2005 - More Control to costumers.php The 17 Feb 2005 - Error Update contribution works fine, but the manual instructions in the 18 Feb post cause the error. It must be my misunderstanding of the instructions. This is a very useful update to the contribution (you can sort the customers by first name, last name, date account created etc) except that for some reason it causes an error in the search function (at least the way I interpreted the instructions). If anyone has installed this contribution successfully could you please post the new customers.php file on the contribution page: http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contributions,2784 thanks!
  9. bjraybould

    Recover Cart Sales

    Thanks for the idea Lane, I tried that, but still no luck. Thank you for your helpful suggestions. I think I've run into a roadblock here. best regards Barry
  10. bjraybould

    Recover Cart Sales

    Thank you lane, I appreciate your reply. This has me baffled? Perhaps you are using a different version of MySQL. My server is running MySQL 4.0.22. regards Barry This is my code. It looks identical to yours. This is my customers table. It should be pretty standard.
  11. bjraybould

    Recover Cart Sales

    If you go to Admin Customers, and type anything in the Search box, you get the error message. For example
  12. bjraybould

    Recover Cart Sales

    Hi, I'm having the same problem. I understand the problem is in customers.php?search=xxxxx and is nothing to do with the recover cart. Did anyone ever find a fix for this problem? I've searched the forums but cannot find the fix for this specific MySQL error. thanks anyone. Barry
  13. Problem When a customer sets the currency to something other than US Dollars in the Currency box selector, Authorize.net does not process the transaction and returns an error response code 3, response reason code 39: Question How do you let customer's see the prices of products in their own currency without getting this error message? Any help would be greatly appreciated Barry :D Contribution version Contribution number 2184, by Matt Williams Authorizenet Consolidated v1.7b.zip Authorize.Net Consolidated 1.7 with Curl Fix, 1.7b
  14. Payment Module: Authorize.net Problem: Where there is a problem with a credit card transaction, an error gets displayed beneath the navigation bar in white text on a red background. The problem is that the error message is truncated so you cannot read the reason for the problem. (see the following example.) There was an error processing your credit card (39): The supplied currency code is either invalid The problem is with this section of the code else if($x_response_code == '3') { tep_redirect(tep_href_link(FILENAME_CHECKOUT_PAYMENT, 'error_message=' . urlencode('There was an error processing your credit card ') . urlencode('(') . urlencode("$x_response_reason_code") . urlencode('): ') . urlencode("$x_response_reason_text"), 'SSL', true, false)); Questions: 1.Does anyone know how to prevent the truncation of the error message? 2.Can anyone help me with how to send an email address to the store owner with the details of the error. (I'm not a programmer).? Thanks in advance for any help :D Contribution details Contribution number 2184, by Matt Williams Authorizenet Consolidated v1.7b.zip Authorize.Net Consolidated 1.7 with Curl Fix, 1.7b
  15. bjraybould

    Order Tracker New Contrib....

    I'm getting some strange results in the daily sales summary for today. For example I get the following output, when in fact there have been no sales today. (fyi The yesterday totals are accurate.) Today 02-24 6 (0) * $154.60 $25.77 I am running version 2.5 thanks for any input on this Barry