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  1. Now is six month form 3.0A5, What time the Nex ver Released ? i remenber that the oscommerce 3.0 will update per six month. what time the next ver Released ?
  2. hnzzyanglin

    Best seller and order history can not display

    I find this is cause the database form when add a products with arrtib. the products is like a sub products with differnt id and share a same products name whit diffent id but the parent_id of the products so if the products with attrib buyed but the besterseller sql can not find the products name with the sub products name in the description database table . they are the diffent id this is a not good framework
  3. we have setting the bestseller module's in min 0 and max 10 in admin and buy many products for testing but the bestsell box can not show I have check the sql files in query. in the academic it will show bestseller content, but i do not know why ? i run the sql in phpmyadmin also can not get any result. but we run the sql can get result in ms2.2 database. this is our testing site www.oscommerce-developer.net
  4. when we finished the template and some products on it in our design local hosting and want to move it to the real hosting our step first backup database and overwite the install/oscommerce.sql then put all files to the server and run www.xxx.com/install we not check import sample date we konw it will case problem. when finished. we get many erro like this PHP Notice: Constant MODULE_ORDER_TOTAL_TOTAL_SORT_ORDER already defined in /home/yanglin/public_html/includes/application_top.php on line 85 PHP Notice: Constant MODULE_SHIPPING_FLAT_SORT_ORDER already defined in /home/yanglin/public_html/includes/application_top.php on line 85 we delete the files in include/works folder, but erro also eixt we have to run phpmyadmin and import the sql files then ok is there lost some considering in datebase or in install
  5. I Have design a template on ms3a5, a template include not only the templatet folder but also configure in datebase how to the export the template ? is next ver's of ms3 will have the function ?
  6. hnzzyanglin

    Language and Image Group Bug and Fixed

    how to fix the erro in front when add a now language. ? the Image Groups now only one language ?
  7. There is Also a bug a bout import new language in ms3a5 Erro log in admin when add a new language linke this PHP Warning: [MYSQL] You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual that corresponds to your MySQL server version for the right syntax to use near ':table_products_variants_values (id, languages_id, products_variants_groups_id, ' at line 1 (1064): [QUERY] insert into :table_products_variants_values (id, languages_id, products_variants_groups_id, title, sort_order) values (1, 6, 1, 'Small', 1) in /var/www/virtualhost/roscomme/oscommerce-developer.cn/public_html/ms3a5/includes/classes/database.php on line 72 this erro is case in admin/includes/aplications/language/class/languages.php the import class the table name is not right for copy products_variants_values Erro codes is while ( $Qvalues->next() ) { $Qinsert = $osC_Database->query('insert into :table_products_variants_values (id, languages_id, products_variants_groups_id, title, sort_order) values (:id, :languages_id, :products_variants_groups_id, :title, :sort_order)'); $Qinsert->bindTable(':table_products_variants_groups', TABLE_PRODUCTS_VARIANTS_GROUPS); //this table is not right $Qinsert->bindInt(':id', $Qvalues->valueInt('id')); $Qinsert->bindInt(':languages_id', $language_id); $Qinsert->bindInt(':products_variants_groups_id', $Qvalues->valueInt('products_variants_groups_id')); $Qinsert->bindValue(':title', $Qvalues->value('title')); $Qinsert->bindInt(':sort_order', $Qvalues->valueInt('sort_order')); $Qinsert->execute(); The right code is while ( $Qvalues->next() ) { $Qinsert = $osC_Database->query('insert into :table_products_variants_values (id, languages_id, products_variants_groups_id, title, sort_order) values (:id, :languages_id, :products_variants_groups_id, :title, :sort_order)'); //Update my mycommerce.cn $Qinsert->bindTable(':table_products_variants_values', TABLE_PRODUCTS_VARIANTS_VALUES); //this is the right table $Qinsert->bindInt(':id', $Qvalues->valueInt('id')); $Qinsert->bindInt(':languages_id', $language_id); $Qinsert->bindInt(':products_variants_groups_id', $Qvalues->valueInt('products_variants_groups_id')); $Qinsert->bindValue(':title', $Qvalues->value('title')); $Qinsert->bindInt(':sort_order', $Qvalues->valueInt('sort_order')); $Qinsert->execute();
  8. This erro will get when you add a new language in ms3a5 Notice: Undefined index: 2 in C:\xampp\htdocs\osc3\includes\classes\image.php on line 47 Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in C:\xampp\htdocs\osc3\includes\classes\image.php on line 71 Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in C:\xampp\htdocs\osc3\includes\classes\image.php on line 79 Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in C:\xampp\htdocs\osc3\includes\classes\image.php on line 51 Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in C:\xampp\htdocs\osc3\includes\classes\image.php on line 55 I find this is a bug in admin languages class, It lossed to add and copy a new Image group name to datebase to fix this erro please edit the /admin/includes/applications/languages/languages.php find line 896 before the code if ( $error === false ) { add the follow code above this line ////add by mycommerce.cn ////add by mycommerce.cn if ( $error === false ) { $Qimagegroups = $osC_Database->query('select id, language_id, title, code, size_width, size_height, force_size from :table_products_images_groups where language_id = :language_id'); $Qimagegroups->bindTable(':table_products_images_groups', TABLE_PRODUCTS_IMAGES_GROUPS); $Qimagegroups->bindInt(':language_id', $default_language_id); $Qimagegroups->execute(); while ( $Qimagegroups->next() ) { $Qinsert = $osC_Database->query('insert into :table_products_images_groups (id, language_id, title, code, size_width, size_height, force_size) values (:id, :language_id, :title, :code, :size_width, :size_height, :force_size)'); $Qinsert->bindTable(':table_products_images_groups', TABLE_PRODUCTS_IMAGES_GROUPS); $Qinsert->bindInt(':language_id', $language_id); $Qinsert->bindInt(':id', $Qimagegroups->value('id')); $Qinsert->bindValue(':title', $Qimagegroups->value('title')); $Qinsert->bindValue(':code', $Qimagegroups->value('code')); $Qinsert->bindInt(':size_width', $Qimagegroups->value('size_width')); $Qinsert->bindInt(':size_height', $Qimagegroups->value('size_height')); $Qinsert->bindValue(':force_size', $Qimagegroups->value('force_size')); $Qinsert->execute(); if ( $osC_Database->isError() ) { $error = true; break; } } } //add bu mycommerce.cn //add bu mycommerce.cn Then install the new language erro will fixed
  9. i have get the same erro in ms3a5 i have checked this maybe a bug in the class/languages.php in admin forgot the copy images group name to the datebase so can not find the images and erro public static function import($file, $type) {
  10. hnzzyanglin

    Cannot use numbers for product keyword

    Keyword: is not a good choice for oscommerce. it's hard to setting different Keyword for all products in admin. if have many products we want you to keep the products_id again.
  11. I have fix two bug for this fisrt is: $insert_id = tep_db_insert_id($insert_query); // it will can not get insert id in 2.2 rc1 to $insert_id = tep_db_insert_id(); the secondly is the javascript erro in class/payment.php $addThis='if (document.checkout_payment.cot_gv.checked) { payment_value=cot_gv; alert (\'hey yo\'); } else '; to $addThis='if (document.checkout_payment.cot_gv.checked) { payment_value=\'cot_gv\'; //remove alert and set paymant value ok } else '; but this i can not fix need help. when i add a coupon in admin and in check out with the coupon the first time is echo The coupon has been successfully applied for <BR>***HOWEVER:No reducion available, please see the coupon restrictions*** but when i reducion again it ok and success why need to reducion two times ? what is the right vers of this modules ? who can give me the fix of or link a bout this thanks !
  12. But In my payal account all email is the same Now I have receive hundred of Email Notification but the order's state not update like "No PayPal Transaction Information Available (a4be0f262d47444e165f641e637ee7a5) "
  13. Anybody can find the problem? form the Notification Email ?
  14. I install oscommerce-2.2ms2-051113 and PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN_v3.1.5 but the order's Status in the admin/orders.php not update it's said: Transaction Activity Date Status Details Action Gross Fee Net Amount No PayPal Transaction Information Available (a4be0f262d47444e165f641e637ee7a5) ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- but in the test mode use 'a4be0f262d47444e165f641e637ee7a5' to test the paypal ipn the orders can update Transaction Activity Date Status Details Action Gross Fee Net Amount Mar. 18, 2006 Completed Details $0.01 $0.01 $0.00 I receive many email form the website like: ------------------------------------------------------ PayPal_Shopping_Cart_IPN Debug Email Notification ------------------------------------------------------ mc_gross=46.99 invoice=908 item_number1=500 Gold payer_id=SB3P4FKEHYGPG tax=0.00 payment_date=10:30:40 Mar 17, 2006 PST option_selection1_1=wrongy payment_status=Completed charset=windows-1252 mc_shipping=0.00 mc_handling=0.00 first_name=richard mc_fee=1.80 notify_version=2.1 custom=d7d4565c068a21e7bb6c215b45f82e01 payer_status=unverified business=tusonservice@hotmail.com num_cart_items=1 mc_handling1=0.00 verify_sign=AjcXREel5W2onptpfdRsx19RBGLsAB6XzSakxS7piQaAvfYTvndCQyh9 payer_email=wrongturn@oapsquad.com mc_shipping1=0.00 option_name1_1=To Character txn_id=7MC031206S0790807 payment_type=instant last_name=cooper item_name1=World of Warcraft EU/Talnivarr Alliance/ receiver_email=tangd@nereusintl.com payment_fee=1.80 quantity1=1 receiver_id=P9JXJ498AFYMC txn_type=cart mc_gross_1=46.99 mc_currency=USD residence_country=GB payment_gross=46.99 ------------------------------------------------------ PayPal Response ------------------------------------------------------ VERIFIED ------------------------------------------------------ Connection Type ------------------------------------------------------ curl: transport: ssl:// domain: www.paypal.com port: 443 ------------------------------------------------------ Email and Business ID config ------------------------------------------------------ Store Configuration Settings Primary PayPal Email Address: tusonservice@hotmail.com Business ID: tusonservice@hotmail.com ------------------------------------------------------ PayPal Configuration Settings Primary PayPal Email Address: tangd@nereusintl.com Business ID: tusonservice@hotmail.com PayPal Transaction ID: 7MC031206S0790807 for help what's wrong with me ?
  15. hnzzyanglin

    [Contribution] Compare Products Side-By-Side

    Some suggest about this mod At first it is a good contribution I have install it and can use I want to give some suggest to this mod 1. when I select one product to comp the page "index.php?cPath=***" reload once when i want to comparison it also reload. I have visit a site : http://product.zol.com.cn/products/product...4&keyword=intel //it's chinese it use javescript and a layer to comparison //and the speed is very soon when select it only to add a products name to a layer //not recall the file and add array when select it, it select form the database and to comp all only once ====================== to see the page at: http://product.zol.com.cn/products/product...4&keyword=intel in the left is comparison and in the layer the bottom is to comp