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  1. jokerstar

    cart - order summary hide/show

    Hi, but how is posible that on clean install it works well, there was apply on coupon code, like on my first picture:
  2. jokerstar

    Plain Products Description

    Hi Ivan, thank you, I added your cron, its working but it index only one product per cronjob. Extension is setup to: Batch size Number of products to index at once (by cron job) Ex. 200 Life time (mins) Do not check product changes for this number of minutes. Ex. 720
  3. jokerstar

    Plain Products Description

    Hi, i downloaded from app this extension. Can you help me how reindex products please? Problem is if you have for example older products indexed without SKU, and in wide search you choose also search SKU, it will work only for new added products, not older added.. How can I reindex products search tags (in DB tables: plain_products_name_search and plain_products_name_to_products ) ? Thanks
  4. jokerstar


    Hi, its middle of January 2023 and still no progress in this, missing filter module in app store, or is any trick how change filters from OFF to ON mode like is showed on picture below? Thanks
  5. Hello, I am new here, have version: osc_4_08_54127 ubuntu 22, PHP 8+ After installing is theme watch cart-order summary is showed, but after apply: "You have changes in categories, please check the menu and apply changes to it" it change to hide/show and Promo code: button apply disapear. Can you help me where can be problem and how fix it please. Pictures attached. Thank you