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  1. WiseWombat

    How to use "kg" instead of "lb?

    Try using the correct shipping module for your country and zone. once you have the correct shipping and contry zones installed as well as your default currencys there shouldnt be a problem. 1 = 1 Regardless if its 1 kgs or 1 pounds
  2. WiseWombat

    Flat Rate and Individual Shipping module HELP!

    Why not use table rate shipping option and set your items per weight rather than a individual postage charge per item. Postage is then calculated on the total order weight rather than individual prices which can be very expensive when using individual and and flatrate shipping.
  3. WiseWombat

    Best Method for Australian Shipping

    Have a look at. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri.../search,AUSPOST. and http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri.../search,AUSPOST
  4. WiseWombat

    bank transfer module

    A bit of info regarding Banks here in Australia To make a international bank transfer here from Austaralia. One of the 3 mayor banks here charge a $29.00 AU minimum. So unless you have an item to send that has a high profit margin Its hardly worth using them That my opinion anyway. B) More for them and less for you :devil:
  5. WiseWombat

    bank transfer module

    Banks are a rip off! May be you should use paypal as a transpher option as they only charge a small fee not like the banks.
  6. WiseWombat

    Shipping fees for physical and virtual products

    When you introduce the virtual products into the catalog set there weight value to 0.00 that way no postage cost will incure on that product on check out.
  7. WiseWombat

    Is this a Silly Question ?????

    No I didnt not log in :x , I just assumbed that the total of sales would have shown when transphered to the check out page. Sorry for the dumb question :blush: But Im not a paypal user even though I have an account with them. I think I will do a full purchase with a different account and follow through with a purchase and see what happens??. Thanks : Martin
  8. WiseWombat

    Is this a Silly Question ?????

    I am contemplating using paypal module in my website and I am wondering does the shopping cart integrate with this module? The reason I'm asking is that while I was testing the paypal contribution once I went to check out it directed me to this page ( here is a snapshoot ) Why does it ask for the who do you want to pay and the total amount ???? Does all this need to be inserted manually ?? I thought this was all done through the shopping cart. I dont understand >_< Thanks:Martin
  9. WiseWombat

    How do I setup paypal

    Click and install module select currency then enter email address of who you want to pay.
  10. WiseWombat

    where is phpmyadmin?

    A little help for starters try this. Firstly open up the contribution you want to install and read the text file for instructions then. Log into your website admin and download a copy of the files the you want to edite An example is stylesheet.ccs or index.php once you have these files open them with a note pad word pad editer. From here you edite the code from your files by removing and replacing the code from your existing (example) stylesheet.ccs or index.php file and installing new codes from the new contribution that you want to install. Then upload these files back to your website and replace them. as well as any others supplied in the contrabutions zip if required. A word of caution always make a backup copy of the file you are replacing before you do anychanges. And You can down load the latest phpmyadmin and up load it to your website from .phpmyadmin.net
  11. WiseWombat

    Payment Setting Problem

    Why not direct your customers to your conditions page and tell the customers before they place an order, on condition that 50% will be required for the initiale payment via paypal and 50% for the final payment 2 weeks before completion required via paypal payment, That way the customer will know inadvance of your conditions of payments.
  12. WiseWombat

    Package/Ship Items Seperately?

    Try one of these contribution for Individual Product Shipping Prices. http://www.oscommerce.com/community/contri...vidual+shipping
  13. I have found that I have be on line while trying out my web site because the Auspost shipping module uses an outside http:// address sorce when you log on in as a customer. Im not able to log in as a customer while off line (all I receive is errors). But when im online every thing works fine. I can how browse mywebsite off line as long as I dont log in as a customer. May be that might be your problem. Hope it helps.Martin
  14. WiseWombat

    Auspost shipping help

    Why not use the table shipping rate option as well. Looking at the Australian postage charge guide auspost charges $3.40 to all major capital cities for the minimum weight of 250grams. With table rate you could set your minimum postage price to $1.00 for up tp 125 grams being Australian postage posts letter charge prices.
  15. WiseWombat

    Hi I need help with small error AusPOST

    Thanks James: I have check catalog/includes/languages/english/modules/shipping/austpost.php and its OK But in catalog/includes/modules/shipping/austpost.php line 98 is a different story. That was the Line I was looking for, thanks again for your help. Martin :thumbsup: