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  1. But I can't find any fields in the database named "categories_name_"!?
  2. I still haven't found a solution for my multilingual shop... :'( When I rename the v_categories_name fields as shown above, no categories are displayed in the shop! Do I have to change fields in the database too?? Thanks!
  3. No ideas regarding multilingual categories? :(
  4. I have a multilingual shop too, but your solution doesn't work for me! Do I have to change anything in the easypopulate.php? Thanks!
  5. Hello and thanks for the contribution! Maybe can someone please help me with the following questions: - all the "v_attribute_values_price_X_X"-fields in my exported cvs-File are empty, altough there ARE products with arrtibutes, so some fields should be filled with "0"!? Any ideas why they are left empty?? - how can I import textfields and textareas? There aren't any "attribute-values-price"-fields that could be set to zero!? Thanks!
  6. Hi! When i try to upload products with attributes to the (empty) shop, no attributes are displayed! Any ideas why?? Thanks!
  7. Hi! Does anybody know if it's possible to place some product-attributes side by side instead of among each other? I'm using the "Option Type Feature v1.71"! To illustrate what I mean: Thanks!
  8. hi! does anyone know how to sort the options in the product_info? for example, i want to have Size [Radio Button] Text [Text Box] Color [Drop Down] but the options are listed alphabetically: Color Size Text any ideas? thanks!
  9. homerS

    Sort the Product-Options?!

    SO SIMPLE!!! thanks very much! :thumbsup:
  10. hi! is it possible to create textboxes with different sizes using the "option type feature"? thx!