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  1. Don R. Soucy

    Easy Populate V 3.0

    Hi Jack I'm using CE Phoenix v1.0.8.9 and easy populate V3.3 I will soon upgrade to 8.10 then 8.11. meanwhile I am having difficulties getting easy populate t work. It exports data ok but importing is inconsistent. I got one full page ot green "insert new" notifications once then after that it quits on the first line. There are no empty rows, all data seems consistent. How about this: What I really need to get "down the road' for now is the names the Database table and field for the data that corresponds to .in the easy populate dump. This piece of data sets the products for download I have scoured the DB looking for it, but to no avail. I have numerous edits to make, but easy populate won't import them. It just reports the data on the first line . If I could know the database table and rows for then I could edit them in phpMyAdmin. and get my store to a point where I could welcome customers. This would correct the problem of some Compact Discs being set for download and some MP3 files being set for hard delivery, both wrong situations. I understand this site denigrates Phoenix (Though I don't really understand why, but Demitry let me know about it LOL) I hope I can get the promised help from it's users. A very grateful Don Soucy
  2. Don R. Soucy

    Easy Populate V 3.0

    Found the problem temp <> Temp Who knew LOL.
  3. Don R. Soucy

    Easy Populate V 3.0

    Hi Jack Moving right along here with the successful installation and translation of my old 2.3.1 OSC data to CE Phoenix. I just installed easy populate and noticed this message: Temp Directory: /home/upperroo/domains/upperroomcomm.com/public_html/store/temp/ Temp Dir is NOT Writable Temp directory did not exist so I created it and gave it 775 as permissions. Still get the same message from easy pop. Are my permissions wrong? Thanks Don
  4. i need a copy of oscomerce v2.3.1 to aid me in recovering data from my old install. I will install on WAMP on my local machine and develop a script to extract the data. Thanks Don