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  1. osCommerce-Official

    Pet Peev Customization

    It may be in the menus, under Design and CMS. Or in the Translations, same.
  2. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce site examples

    In this topic we will be sharing examples of Ecommerce websites created using osCommerce. Everyone is welcome to share their examples! Here goes the first one. For a very reputable B2B and B2C business in Yorkshire, UK: https://www.pivovarorders.co.uk/ Feel free to share your osCommerce sites!
  3. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 Wiki

    Looking for contributors to the new osCommerce wiki. We need to create usable manuals, real-life "how to" instructions for merchants. We also need to create manuals for designers and developers. Please comment here to indicate your interest or contact us via the website. Thanks!
  4. osCommerce-Official

    How to report installation and operation issues

    @pandreicould you please help?
  5. osCommerce-Official

    new installation

    We would recommend asking the hosting provider to check the configuration. Alternatively you can use osCommerce servers, as is available off the main page of the site oscommerce.com
  6. osCommerce-Official

    new installation

    Do you think it makes sense to contact the hosting provider about the hosting requirements as per the installation wizard?
  7. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce site examples

    Bill, thanks a lot for sharing! BTW saw another post of yours reg. the Sale reports. By default there's this Sale Statistics report in osCommerce that offers daily, weekly, monthly sale report - just open its Filters section and change Precision to weekly or any other value you need.
  8. osCommerce-Official

    Merry Christmas!

    Wishing all osCommerce users and supporters a very Merry Christmas! It doesn't matter whether you celebrate this or that holiday, or follow this or that religion. It is about sharing love and care and rejoicing! Wishing you all to love and to be loved, to be merry these holidays! Yours, osCommerce Team
  9. osCommerce-Official

    Cart/Checkout not working

    Did you post your queries on this Forum? Just can not see any at the moment.
  10. osCommerce-Official

    V4 Install Errors

  11. osCommerce-Official

    Saving Category Images not Working (on xampp)

    @pandrei is it something we can help with?
  12. osCommerce-Official

    this product was added xx/xx/xx

    @Ivan Holbi could you please help?
  13. osCommerce-Official


    osCommerce 4.08 and THANK YOU I would like to thank all of my colleagues, who are now located in Ukraine, for their hard work in the most difficult and unimaginable circumstances! The integrity, and perseverance they demonstrate is incomparable to anything else I know. Thank you!
  14. osCommerce-Official

    Why so complicated

    osCommerce is now designed to be used by businesses of any size. Adding products, it now allows you to specify and use so much more data than ever before. Things like SEO control, size and packaging, multiple images, videos, etc are parts of the system now. You may find our Wiki page useful https://wiki.oscommerce.com However we are always happy to answer your questions, please feel free to post them here. Thanks!
  15. osCommerce-Official

    How to Install OSC V4 on Xampp

    Thanks for sharing!
  16. osCommerce-Official

    How to report installation and operation issues

    @pandreicould you please check this?
  17. osCommerce-Official

    Can't run on local server

    Would you consider creating a new post about how to install osCommerce on Xampp? Would be ever so grateful!
  18. osCommerce-Official

    Cart/Checkout not working

    @pandreicould you please check?
  19. osCommerce-Official

    ETA for add-ons?

    Please register your app shop account from the backend of osCommerce to access the apps. Have a good day!
  20. osCommerce-Official

    Can't run on local server

    @pandrei could you please kindly comment here?
  21. osCommerce-Official

    Gift vouchers

    Gift Vouchers come pre-built with osCommerce v4. Set possible gift voucher values in the back end: The gift vouchers are available for purchase in the front end at the following URL: /catalog/gift-card and look like this: Once purchased (via normal shopping cart / checkout process for "virtual" products), gift vouchers come to the recipient's email address as unique code that can be redeemed by the user in the front end and used during checkout as a payment method.
  22. osCommerce-Official

    Cart/Checkout not working

    Did you change those files at some point?
  23. osCommerce-Official

    Cart/Checkout not working

    4.08. If it doesn't update via the App shop, you may need to reinstall the latest version, downloaded off the main site.
  24. osCommerce-Official

    Cart/Checkout not working

    Please note it was recently released. As per the news on the site and the Forums
  25. osCommerce-Official

    Modules for oscommerce 4

    Thanks for your post! Indeed the whole idea of the App Shop is that it allows developers adding their own modules (Apps) and design templates and widgets to the App Shop, and offer them there free of charge or for a price. This facility will be added shortly.