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    What is "allowed for"

    That's likely the customer groups, B2b
  2. When we say Ecommerce - do we always mean retail sales? Or do we remember about this massive sector of distribution, business-to-business sales? And do we also remember the Direct-to-Consumer market, where brands / manufacturers sell directly to their resellers, skipping on distribution?Reason number 13 why I think osCommerce is a really, really good solution for a developing Ecommerce business is its B2B features.These come as a part of the B2B app, that is to be available through the App Shop. It is a native app, and works as a integral part of osCommerce.Special prices for customer groups? Done! Special prices for particular customers? Done too! Display or not display certain products to customers from certain customer groups? Of course! Hide all prices until the customer has logged into their account? Sure. Make customers log in before they see the catalog itself - yes! Display or not display taxes in product list. Special payment and shipping methods. Credit amount and some credit control. Trade customer sign up form. Bulk ordering (CSV or form). Additional resources for business customers to download. All of this is in osCommerce for B2B customers.
  3. osCommerce-Official

    20 Reasons to switch to osCommerce. Reason 13 - B2B

  4. osCommerce-Official

    OSC V4 and USPS

    @Ivan Holbi do we have a solution? @kellycoolkrafts in case we can not find a solution, hiring a developer may be a solution of course.
  5. osCommerce-Official

    How to set menu links

    @pandrei could you please help here?
  6. osCommerce-Official

    Need brought up to speed on OSC

    Hi Ken, I suppose that's the right place to ask about osCommerce only lol So osCommerce is 4.08 now. We have had 8 releases since the summer release. Of course there are many reasons to upgrade. Why upgrade from osCommerce 2.x to new osCommerce 4.x-.pdf
  7. osCommerce-Official

    Installation osCommerce v4 Beta 2 - No Admin Page

    @pandrei could you please help?
  8. osCommerce-Official

    custom style sheet

    Please go to Design and CMS, Themes. Edit the theme you need to edit. In it you will see the CSS editor and the JS editor. Hope it helps!
  9. osCommerce-Official

    index.php loads not only source code

    Hello! @Ivan Holbi could you please ask Hosting for an advise?
  10. osCommerce-Official

    Cart/Checkout not working

    @Ivan Holbi could you please check this?
  11. @pandreicould you please help?
  12. osCommerce-Official

    Categories Menu

    @Ivan Holbi could you please help?
  13. osCommerce-Official

    Plain Products Description

    @Ivan Holbi could you please help?
  14. osCommerce-Official


    @pandreicould you please comment?
  15. osCommerce-Official

    Product Description Formatting

    @Ivan Holbi @Sergey Dunaevcould you please check
  16. osCommerce-Official

    cart - order summary hide/show

    @Ivan Holbi could you please help?
  17. @Ivan Holbi could you please help?
  18. osCommerce-Official

    Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    osCommerce v4 comes fully prepared with modern on-site SEO features. 1. Page properties Every entity like product, category, landing page, website pages have editable page URL, title, description, H tags, image alts, and so on. It is possible to set templates for each type of page in the SEO settings in the back end. And it is also possible to override those settings to make granular changes to, for example, product catalog. 2. Rich text snippets describe pages in a better way for Google and other search engines 3. Pre-integration with Google tools (Analytics, Tag manager, various Trackers), where only the account code needs to be specified in the back end to complete the integration 4. osCommerce v4 allows for redirects (301) to be set for particular entities (like products, etc) or through the whole website (SEO redirects functionality) 5. XML site maps are generated automatically by the website 6. Page load speed has been optimised to pass Google Page Speed test successfully SEO functionality comes "out of the box" and will be included into osCommerce v4 FREE and open source version. Watch this space, more updates to follow!
  19. Sure https://www.oscommerce.com/development-partners
  20. We would like to recommend that you move to the latest version of osCommerce, PayPal is pre integrated there.
  21. osCommerce-Official

    osCommerce v4 translation

    As we see Beta 2 almost ready, it is time to look into translation of osCommerce v4 in languages other than English. Following the previous post, we would welcome if members of the Community could assist with this task. In order to say "thank you" for your help, we will be happy to offer all additional apps created by osCommerce, that will be available through the App store to the translators, once the App store is up and running. Please find the texts in the attached CSV file. To translate, please just create a new column along with the "en" one, and put in the correct translation of the current English text. Please ignore all other columns but do not delete them. Once done, please send your translation to us via email (hello@osCommerce.com) or via this Forum's messaging system. Thank you very much in advance! @gummipingvin - mentioned they could help with Danish language @MarcelMediaNL with Dutch @domiosc and @valquiria23 with Spanish @acidvertigo with Italian @zachris with Finnish @YePix with German @Jose Araujo with Portuguese @PhoenixAter with Swiss German @Janko Muzykant with Polish @milerwan with French @psychopath with Swedish @poj_ud with Thai @glavasevic with Serbian Keys_2021Dec21_1418.csv
  22. osCommerce-Official

    Languages installation

    @Ivan Holbicould you please help
  23. osCommerce-Official

    exporting products

    @Ivan Holbi is there a solution to that? Or will Jim need to do a bit of programming?
  24. osCommerce-Official

    Storage key failure

    @pandrei perhaps you could help here, please?
  25. osCommerce-Official


    Looking for volunteers to help check and complete translations of osCommerce v4 into your native languages. To start with: - Dutch - German - French - Spanish - Norwegian - Italian - feel free to offer yours here! Besides our gratitude and mentioning in this Forum, will provide you with all possible features and apps for your online store on top of osCommerce v4 when it becomes available. Thanks!