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  1. using a macro is like pressing RECORD on your tape player, if you like, once you have done the changes once on one table you can run that macro on the table you will get tommorow( or next week) and it will do it for you in seconds. so all you really have to do is create 4 macros for the 4 (different?) feeds you are getting, and any later feeds will be done in 10 minutes(including upload and population.
  2. if you are getting the data feeds in CSV format or EXCEL format, then use easy populate to upload them. but first i would suggest using an excel macro to automate all the column swapping and renaming (that i assume you do)
  3. zaxxon

    SMTP Authentication

    seems likely that its blocked cuz you are using opentransfer.com they are often black listed as they are notorious for letting spammers use their services. my advice is get rid of them ......though this is an old post...i imagine you had it sorted ages ago
  4. zaxxon

    Excel import troubles

    EP doesnt work that well at all. its doing every thing ALMOST right, but at times it will mess up the html or the attributes, its impossible to check the import every time, and if you dont you'll end up with probelms. this at least has been my exeriance: great support thread , very helpful people trying to help, but the contribution itself is not matured. html errors, problems with differant charcters,attributes are handled in a way that they can not all fit in excel(if you have over 200 attributes in total[100 products 3 attributes each and you aare way over the limit) -its not EP limitation but an excel one though.
  5. quattro pro X3 by corel is limited to over 18,000 columns try that one maybe ?
  6. quattro pro x3 by corel from their office suit limits the column for 18,000 columns, more than enough for me
  7. Surfalot , i think i found another bug. with the below settings, if i download a custom file of model,name,price quantity,image,added, available,category. make my changes and upload the file. The descriptions(which were not downloaded) are wiped out i am using these settings: $tempdir = DIR_FS_DOCUMENT_ROOT . "temp/"; global $maxrecs; $maxrecs = 300; // default, seems to work for most people. Reduce if you hit timeouts global $default_images, $default_image_manufacturer, $default_image_product, $default_image_category; $default_image_product = ''; $default_image_category = ''; global $active, $inactive, $zero_qty_inactive, $deleteit; $active = 'Active'; $inactive = 'Inactive'; $zero_qty_inactive = false; global $modelsize; $modelsize = 12; global $price_with_tax; $price_with_tax =true; global $replace_quotes; $replace_quotes = false; global $separator; $separator = "\t"; // tab is default global $excel_safe_output; $excel_safe_output = true; // default is: false if ($excel_safe_output == true) { $separator = ","; } global $preserve_tabs_cr_lf; $preserve_tabs_cr_lf = true; // default is: false global $max_categories; $max_categories = 7; // 7 is default global $products_with_attributes; $products_with_attributes = false; global $products_attributes_stock; $products_attributes_stock = false; global $attribute_options_select; global $show_ep_settings; $show_ep_settings = true; // default is: false
  8. sorry again for fluding this topic but, i have attributes for most of my products and when downloading the attribute to excel it can not load as the columns reach KZ (286 columns). the only spreadsheet program i found that can handle it is quattro pro X3 from corel wordperfect office suite (available for a free trial). the problem is that the excelSAFE option does not work well for it, and all the "-quotes are stripped and when importing it back in the shop it messes up everything. surfalot - do you think there is a way to tweak the contribution so it would work well with quattro pro X3 as well?
  9. $items[$i] = str_replace('\"\"',""",$items[$i]); this is from your new code, is this not basicaly replacing 2 quotes with 1?
  10. i would also like toknow this, i am using fck editor right now, bu some of its html output is loaded with complexities and i would like to make sure my html is clean and simple so it would transform well with contributions such as easy populate. also, i understand that an hml editor is planned for hte new oscommerce has there been any decision as to which they are going to use ?
  11. my html skills are limited, but should not 2 double quotes like style = "" not be changed to style="". other wise the quotes are not terminated and the whole html is askewed? why are specificaly changed in to 1 " instead of 2 ?
  12. hi todd, again thanks for your help and time on this, glad i could help in making this better. its probably quite late for this but what i forgot to mention was that for my product description i am using FCKeditor which is generating the html , i hope i am not too late with this info...
  13. ok, did that and now the font tag looks good. its retaining the same colour, run a compare program on the databases and now i see that where ever i had 2 quotes like : <div style=\"\" name=\"fulldetailsTab\" id=\"fulldetailsTab\"> is now coming up like this turning it to only one quote <div style=" name=\"fulldetailsTab\" id=\"fulldetailsTab\"> would that not mangle my entire html as i know have quotes that are not closing ?
  14. global $replace_quotes; $replace_quotes = true; is this the one you mean ? am going to give this a try right now, what other side effects will that have? why is it set to true by default? if its better with it off ? could it mangle a differant part of the code ?
  15. yes, well i am getting there any way, its a long task. from what i have read its good that the metadata and keywords match your content closely so in the description and title i am entering data that is closly matching the product i try and start my description(meta and regular) with words that would match my targeted keywords so i would get better rankings. in my experiance the autofill is not any where close to be good enough for a good seo campain. but its very good for the products i just added and havent had time to fine tune yet(this isnt the place for it but - jack - i luv the contribution THANKS :thumbsup: ) yes - or something very close i suspect its changed it to 349933. i also suspect that it took the 34 from the char number " which is supposed to be the quote.. if i understand your cleaning method i would imagine it took font color="#993300" ---->"#993300" ---> -->whiuch was truncated to #349933. i am no coder and cant reall "see" how and where this would happen , but through the result - thats my guess