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  1. kenle

    Automated FedEx Labels

    Anyone here has success using this mod for fedex international? The interface seem so simple for a international shipping which require you to declare customs and commercial invoice.... How do i do that? Thanks
  2. Same here with me. It seems like there is something change at USPS server. Mine always work before until today. First class mail international does not show up. Everything else is ok. If anyone has update, please let us know the change.
  3. kenle

    ebay auction lister

    Hi David, I went to your website and it seems the project has not done yet. any ideas when it's released? Thanks
  4. kenle

    Customer Loyalty Discount Scheme

    Hi all, I tried to install the lastest version of the mod, and still get the php warning. It seems like it can't locate the language file. It's strange. I check everything, can't figure out how could it can't find the language file and gave the php warning in the order_total. Any hint or help pls? Thanks
  5. Anyone here thinking about giving the discount price for each component for the custom product? So when the customer done customize their system, the total price would be lower than if you buy each indvidual parts. I think that's one of the important purpose of the customize system. You let your customer choose what they want and at the same time saving money for buying a whole bundle of parts as one system. Can this be done easily for this mod? Any thought?
  6. Anyone has problem with the USPS production server today? It works great for me last night when i installed it. Now, it couldn't connect to the production server anymore? I used the latested 2.8d version upgrade for usps May 14th one.
  7. I tried to make this work with Authorize.net payment. Everything seems to work fine. However, I just dont see how the credit card number get passed to the module to calculate the risk points. It seems only work with the Credit Card module itself, but not for Authorize.net module. Anyone here has some pointers? Thanks
  8. Hi all, I have installed the live support plus from Acheron. Everything works great. However, It does not seem to include the status online/offline indicator as the original phponline code. I dont' understand what's the reason they strip this feature out. The phponline seems come with this feature, but this contrib dont' have it. Anyone here has installed this and be able to add that status indicator to this contrib? Thanks
  9. kenle

    Current AUctions V2.0

    Is there a way that we can distinguish between an auction items and a eBay store items? I only like to display auctions only items and not the ones from the eBay store. How can I do this? Thanks
  10. kenle

    Customer Private Messages

    This is a great contrib. But I have a couple questions: 1. How does the customer reply to the private message? This seem like only a one-way communication. 2. what about between the staffs in the admin private message? This is also great when you have many staff working on the admin side.
  11. kenle

    Seperate Pricing Per Customer v3.5

    Hi all, I just installed this mod. Everything works great. However I have one issue: The search from advance_search_result.php does not show the result with the right keyword. It show the right number of items found, but nothing shows up. Any ideas? Thanks
  12. Hi all, This is a great mod. I've been used it for a while and notice that sometimes when I create the order, it does not update the inventory correctly. It's not consistent. Once in a while, i noticed that the stock level is not updated after i add an item into the order. Anyone experience the same?
  13. kenle

    Margin Report v2.10

    I love this mod, but I have little problem with the time difference between my local time and server time. Does anyone has a fix for this? When I run a report, I would like to query base on my local time. Right now it shows all the records based on server time. Any quick fix?
  14. Hi all, I got this thing to work on my server, but for email that has attachments, it does not seem to work. After I sync, the attachment is gone. ONly text is available. Anyone got the idea? Also, If I dont' want to delete mails on the server, what should I do? Thanks
  15. Hi all, I've installed this wonderful added on for oscommerce and spent so many hours to figure out how to use it. I would like to add a custom item just like any other regular item (products) where the user can browse through the categories menu and click on it. I saw this guy has something that I want exactly like him. Can someone look at it and tell me if this guy use this mod and how do i do like him. Here is the link: http://www.allerc.com/product_info.php?cPa...roducts_id=1341 Thanks