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  1. I had the same problem with both mods - the error as above. However, the problem was eventually tracked down to a combination of incorrect test url (should be https://certification.authorize.net/gateway/transact.dll if you don't have an A.net developer account), transaction ID and MD5 hash. The MD5 hash entry field in A.net account manager is shorter than most MD5 hash generators create, so I, at least, had a mismatch in the string i'd input into the contribution and the string A.net was looking for. It was off by about 8 chars. Double check your data and url in the first instance. The RC2a version now works fine with my MS2.2 store. KB
  2. I am looking into coding something for this, but outside of osCommerce. Remember that even with the AIM module you should be safe from PCI-related issues as it should not store credit card details. Just make sure the module you use (there are a few) is one that does not store them, or amend the one you use. You should also make it clear to your customers that you do not store their details. Unless you have a server security guru/genius on staff, you don't want to messing with PCI. The AIM module is the best of both worlds. KB
  3. Recidivist

    New RC1 authorize.net aim module

    Hi, did you remove the hack and get AIM working ok that way? Or, did you make AIM work with the hack? KB
  4. Recidivist

    authorize.net problems

    I also have the same problem with the AIM and am looking ito it. Does anyone know how to capture the outgoing or the incoming strings?
  5. Recidivist

    PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    If you don't already use them, these Protx links are a useful resource: Protx Support Forum and Protx Support Pages KB
  6. Recidivist

    Protx form - not redirecting correctly

    Me too. The following works for me right now on the LIVE server: tep_draw_hidden_field('Crypt', $crypt); and $crypt = $_REQUEST['crypt']; and on the TEST server: tep_draw_hidden_field('crypt', $crypt); and $crypt = $_REQUEST['crypt']; Is yours the same? KB
  7. Recidivist

    Protx form - not redirecting correctly

    Protx have just reverted to using a small c instead of the capital C when fetching $crypt. See https://support.protx.com/forum/Topic1186-23-1.aspx KB
  8. Recidivist

    PROTX Form and 3d-secure

    Having problems with the post-Maestro/switch changes. Does anyone know if there's an easy way to view the string which Protx sends back after a successful payment transaction? decrypt_protx.php does this perfectly for the string being sent TO protx, but I need to see what they send back. Many thanks KB
  9. Recidivist

    Protx Form call-back errors after August updates

    I have just encountered this issue on the Protx test pages and not only do I see the same problem, but their test CC details don't work either. They've also yet to send me their new templates. Grrrr... Thanks for the fix.
  10. Recidivist

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Thank you. This works beautifully. The javascript updates aren't correct, but like you say, that's not important. What is important is that the figure added to the database and subsequently displayed is correct. Thanks again. KB
  11. Recidivist

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Yes, 17.5%. Our tax rules are all set up correctly. KB
  12. Recidivist

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    DJMonkey, your comment put me on the right track and I fixed the problem. Thank you. In edit_order.php you can set the sort order for the data (on mine it's line 401). I simply set this to match the tax sort order as set by my order creation script. Now that's fixed I've discovered another problem. When I add a discount amount in before shipping (directly after subtotal) the tax rate does not update accordingly - i.e. it still shows the tax rate from the non-discounted figure. Any ideas how to force the tax to be recalculated when a discount is applied? Cheers KB
  13. Recidivist

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    After further investigation the manual order entry tool is adding orders into the database with the correct order as follows: Subtotal: 1 Discount: 2 Delivery: 3 Tax/VAT: 4 Total: 5 After editing in edit_orders.php the ordering is changed as follows: Tax/VAT: 3 Subtotal: 4 Discount: 5 Delivery: 6 Total: 7 Any indication on where in edit_orders.php I can fix this would be massively helpful. Cheers KB
  14. Recidivist

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Ah, you're right. We are using a manual order entry contribution to create a blank order, then Order Editor to amend it. The manual order entry script places all items in the correct order initially, but when the order is amended in edit_orders.php the VAT line is moved to the top of the list. I will now investigate this a little further, but I'm not convinced that the Order Editor isn't somehow involved. KB
  15. Recidivist

    NEW! Complete Order Editing Tool!

    Hi, I am seeing a problem with the ordering of totals (subtotal, shipping cost, tax and total) on both edit_orders.php and subsequently on orders.php. I am using v3.0.2.1 of Order Editor. It's not a great problem that the ordering in the order total block is wrong on edit_orders (since the calculations are all correct), but it is a problem on orders.php because it also affects all our invoices, packing slips etc. Currently, we see things in this order on orders.php (when manually creating an order using edit_orders.php - not when orders are automatically created by customers): VAT (Tax): Subtotal (ex vat): Delivery: Total: But we need it to be ordered like: Subtotal (ex vat): Delivery: VAT (tax): Total On orders.php it looks like this: On edit_orders.php it looks like this: Can someone point me in the right direction for finding the code which can fix this ordering? Many thanks KB
  16. Recidivist

    Affiliate contributions

    I assumed there was, perhaps incorrectly. If osC Affiliate IS the only one, what are your thoughts about that? Does it work well? Is it difficult to manage? Does it make commissions easy to deal with? Forgive the newbie-ness of this question, but I would like to hear the community's experiences before trying it. Cheers KB
  17. Hi, I'm looking for thoughts on the best Affiliate contribution to use for our store and would like to know what people think about the various options. Which is the best? Thanks KB
  18. Recidivist

    Protx Form - failed transactions still create orders

    Another issue people using Protx and 1and1 should be aware of is that because this failure is causing the customer to return to the payment page, it is quite likely that some customers will assume that their order did not get processed and that they need to do it again. This can, and will lead to duplicate successful payments processed through Protx with no record of each order in your DB. Just remember to 'void' the duplicate payment in your Protx admin pages until this problem is fixed. This is far easier than allowing the payment to go to settlement and then having to refund the customer. This issue seems more and more limited only to OSCommerce stores hosted at 1and1. k.
  19. Recidivist

    Protx Form - failed transactions still create orders

    I have just spoken with 1and 1 and on Thursday 3rd November they upgraded php from 4.3.10 to 4.4.1. This is most likely to have caused the problem. Does anyone know what changes need to be made in the store to fix this issue based on the new php version? k.
  20. Recidivist

    Protx Form - failed transactions still create orders

    It seems the common element here is that those of us having this problem are hosting with 1and1 (I tracerouted kidestore.co.uk and your site is there, as is mine). I have yet to receive a reply from 1and1 about this issue. I would suggest we all contact them. k.
  21. Recidivist

    Protx SuccessURL??

    I am having almost exactly the same problem. Protx say it is not their system at fault, but what I am seeing is successful transactions are being redirected to: https://www.mysite.com/checkout_process.php but are ending up at: https://www.mysite.com/checkout_payment.php...&error_message= I have made no changes to the code recently and don't understand why this change should suddenly occur. Anyone have any ideas? k.
  22. Recidivist

    UK shipping by courier rather than post office

    Have you uploaded them as a contribution? I would like them too... Cheers k.
  23. Hi, I've tried for hours to get any of the contributions for showing the product quantity on my product info page. I've tried both Stock Display and qty_image contribs and neither work. I'd prefer to have the functionality of Stock Display (images & text), but can't get it to work, despite it being the easiest mod to install I've seen! Can anyone suggest either a fix, or another contrib which works with my store? I'm running a heavily modded osCommerce 2.2-MS2 at www.gigstuff.com (testing). Cheers KB