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  1. brian_cee

    Easier Attributes

  2. brian_cee

    Easier Attributes

    For some reason the link to this contribution is not working, does anybody know where I can still get a copy of this and try it out?
  3. Jack, there seems to be a problem with your website's "contact us" function. I get errors about "too many redirects" when I try to submit the contact form. I was trying to buy an addon there, but I'm wondering if you are still in business?

  4. brian_cee

    Recover Cart Sales

    Has anyone figured out how to get Unsold Carts to record product attributes?
  5. brian_cee

    Header Status Handler

    Got it, thanks, but I do have the compatibility addon installed (Compatibility_2.3.4_EDGE_v1.0) so do you know what could have gone wrong? Or how I can make this work?
  6. brian_cee

    Header Status Handler

    Got it, thanks, but I do have the compatibility addon installed (Compatibility_2.3.4_EDGE_v1.0) so I'm not sure what went wrong......
  7. brian_cee

    Header Status Handler

    I feel dumb, but I don't know what you mean by CE shop......I just have BS Edge, and I thought from reading this thread that this worked with that?
  8. brian_cee

    Header Status Handler

    I got this email after installing this contribution: Pingdom DOWN alert: uptime (*my website*) is down since 10/27/2018 04:23:36 PM. Reason: HTTP Server Error 500 Internal Server Error So I restored backups of the edited files in this contribution and instantly got my site back up....
  9. brian_cee

    Header Status Handler

    Hate to double post, but I just noticed, even if I turn this off in admin, my whole catalog is just blank white pages, everything is gone, my whole site, basically.
  10. brian_cee

    Header Status Handler

    I use BS Edge, I added this exactly, including the change in post 62 above. Now, when I visit a link to a product that is no longer in stock, instead of the usual "product not found" page, I just get nothing, a blank white page. When I turn this "off" in admin, I still just get a blank white page when visiting a link to an out of stock product. Up in the browser bar is the link to the product, it doiesn't redirect to anything, the page is just blank white. Is this a javascript issue, or where do you think the problem would be? Thanks in advance if anbyone has an answer they can share.
  11. brian_cee

    Does Authorize.net pass on Customer IP Address?

    I set up the sandbox thing to play in, and tried the AIM one again, and you are right, it doesn't take customers offsite. Not sure what I did to change/fix it, but it's good now, thanks for the replies.........
  12. brian_cee

    Does Authorize.net pass on Customer IP Address?

    I asked Authorize.net, they said to ask my shopping cart. But in any case, I don't know anything, but like I mentioned, with Stripe, the customer stays on my site and the transaction still occurs not on my server, I just wondered how to send the transaction to Authnet in a similar fashion without my customers being taken away from my site. Thanks for the info, I'll look into it, but I don't think it addresses what I was wondering about, but I'm so clueless, it might be the answer I was looking for.
  13. brian_cee

    Does Authorize.net pass on Customer IP Address?

    I know with Stripe, for example, you don't make your customers leave your site during checkout. I was hoping to use Authorize.net in the same way, but AIM, SIM, DPM all take me off my site to their site. Do you know of a way to use Authnet but let customers stay on my site during checkout?
  14. If I set up SIM or DPM, I've been told customer IP address isn't "passed on" from my site to Authorize.net. But when the customer wants to check out, they are taken to Authorize.net's site to complete payment, so if the customer is right there on there site, how can AuthNet NOT see the customer's IP address? If anybody has time to share, thanks in advance.
  15. brian_cee

    Modular Shopping Cart

    Thanks, I appreciate that.