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  1. philip71

    Upgrading to the latest version

    I hope that's not the the entire community, as it is a small exclusive group that, from what I've read automatically drops people after a couple of months. I know.. Still, to me Phoenix is a much needed visual update of osCommerce with PHP 7 support, rather than a different product. The file structure is the same, database is largely the same, etc. I could be wrong, that's just my own lowly opinion, whatever that's worth. You are right, it is not restricted, just not readily available here. I couldn't find any upgrade information on this site/forum, and it seemed odd to me, hence I was just trying to give feedback, maybe even help others that may find themselves in my situation. In any case, I am sorry if my post irritated anyone, especially people that contribute their time and expertise to this product. It wasn't my intention at all.
  2. philip71

    Upgrading to the latest version

    Thanks for the recommendation, it is appreciated. I don't plan on installing many addons yet, maybe just clone a couple of flat shipping ones. I am just testing, I imagine I will have to update again before going live at all.
  3. philip71

    Upgrading to the latest version

    I did apply to the Phoenix Club yesterday before I posted here, I just haven't received a response yet. I do appreciate the work that has been done to update osCommerce. Still, restricting simple upgrade instructions to those 700 members seems counterintuitive to growing the osCommerce/Phoenix community imho.
  4. philip71

    Upgrading to the latest version

    To follow-up on this and eventually help others, I was able to update to following the Github instructions here: https://github.com/heatherbellho/CE-Phoenix-Updates .. Thanks for the pointer ecartz !
  5. philip71

    Upgrading to the latest version

    I have been using the original osCommerce version for years on a shop. I wanted to upgrade to CE Phoenix for the responsive template and PHP 7 compatibility. I installed CE Phoenix version 1.7.11 two months ago in December on a test shop and made few customizations. I just got some more time, and would like to update to the now current 1.7.14. Seems the download only includes the full version, and I don't want to start over. There are no public instructions on how to upgrade between minor versions of CE Phoenix, there is no file/database changelog I could find. Reinstalling from scratch every time is just way too much hassle and does not allow for any customizations. This seems odd, to say the least. Even if there is no upgrade script, is there a reason that upgrade instructions are a guarded secret for a private group of "Phoenix club" members?