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  1. Gadget

    Typical "How to" questions

    How can you re-arrange entries in widgets? This is in my installed theme. Address Process page. I can't figure out how to re arrange text boxes.
  2. Gadget

    Typical "How to" questions

    On my installed theme in V4, on the product pages below the description there are two attached details (12 Month Warranty & Pay on Delivery). Where are these defined ? And Where do you turn them off? or On?
  3. Thanks Raiwa- It's very possible that I have installed an incorrect version of the 'Modular_shopping_cart_2.0.' My store is version to the best of my knowledge is v2.3.4.1 CE (BS4 Edge?) Width of module is already set to 12. (I Disabled it so it doesn't show up on Live store for now) Not the end of the world but any advice or direction would be appreciated. Thanks sir...
  4. Gadget

    Discount Codes BS

    Nevermind!!!!! I'm a dork. and copied admin files to the wrong folder. Everything works. Everything is fine...!!!! I do wish that you could use more than 8 characters for the discount code. Thanks all!!!
  5. Gadget

    Discount Codes BS

    Regarding Discount Codes 5.0.0. BS Addon for osC 2.3.4.(x) Bootstrap version. I've performed both add-ons below. - Modular Shopping Cart Add-On: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9466 - Ship In Cart BS reloaded: http://addons.oscommerce.com/info/9467 After performing all install steps I have installed both the Content and Payment Discount Code modules however this is no option that shows up in Administration/Catalog that pertains to 'Discount Codes' See below. Is there something else I should be doing to make the Code Creation appear?
  6. Installed this contribution. However The Totals Estimator Shows up Left Justified along with some word wrap. Installed stock as-is. Suggestions?
  7. Had this addon on my pre- 2.3.4 store and worked great! I've installed in my 2.3.4 CE store and all works well except the account password and confirm are grayed out on the Create order page. Any ideas?
  8. Gadget

    Merge Accounts

    As I posted above- below is all I see. After I installed the version checker I now get the Merge accounts V 1.1 that shows up now. But still nothing shows up on the Merge accounts page to do.
  9. Gadget

    Merge Accounts

    Sorry, it WAS displaying, I just didn't include it in the first snip image. Yes, both files exist in the folder. There is no error log file created. Still nothing displayng. Thanks for your help.
  10. Gadget

    Merge Accounts

    OK- did that. (see result attached)... Yes it is the latest version. All files uploaded and files modified. no errors that I see. What's next?
  11. Gadget

    Merge Accounts

    Performed install. However, Merge Accounts page shows nothing, just blank. with no errors. See attached.