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  1. twfiles

    A few issues with paypal standard checkout

    yes, i replaced all of them even the language files, then i uninstalled and install the module and run the update to 5.018, and replace the cert in ext/payment/paypal folder.
  2. twfiles

    A few issues with paypal standard checkout

    There is even no request for payment in the log page and there is a code variable in the querystring : code=INTERNAL_ERROR in the paypal link, so I am assuming that there is some error to the code or variable passing to paypal website so the website cannot even make a request to paypal
  3. twfiles

    A few issues with paypal standard checkout

    We are using express checkout previously, and we had tried the website with express checkout and there is no problem when we using. After update the app to 5.018, as we are not able to process the standard payment, we had tried the express checkout again, and there is no problem when using that. We currently want to change to standard so it will follow the full payment flow so it can pass the value for our coupon code plugin to paypal ( with express checkout, it is passing the order to paypal at the payment information page instead of the order confirmation page). The paypal standard settings as follow:
  4. twfiles

    A few issues with paypal standard checkout

    I had searched for a long time on google for the possibilities, but unlucky i still cannot solve the problem. I can go through the whole checkout process with the express checkout intergraded in the latest update for the paypal app (aka 5.0.18). i had filled in the return url as checkout_process.php and enabled the PDT and filled in the identity token, but still the error occurs. There may be one possibility that the shipping method passed to paypal is too long, but i cannot find the variable in those files to change it to a shorter variable. Had just tested on my website and TLS 1.2 is available for my hosting
  5. twfiles

    A few issues with paypal standard checkout

    also the TLS test appears to be fail
  6. twfiles

    A few issues with paypal standard checkout

    I had installed and updated the app and downloaded the latest cert, and changed the OSCOM path, but it appears that there is an error while our client is having an error as follow: We're sorry, things don't appear to be working at the moment. Please try again later.
  7. My company is using OSC version 2.3.4 with paypal express checkout for a few years due to the easy setup. But recently we need to use the discount coupon with paypal, which we cannot pass the value via paypal express checkout, so we want to change to use paypal standard for paypal payment. But our client reported that they can pay via Paypal after switching to paypal standard 3.1 (by default), and we received the money, but it appeared that the result is not return back to our system and it does not update the stock level, the client shopping cart and the order status. We want to update the paypal app 5.0 from the appstore, but yet it is saying that OSCOM_PayPal.php is missing.
  8. Alright i got that showing on the installed module list, but the calculation does not woking...
  9. Our company are currently using OSC v2.3.4(for like 4 or 5 years). we would like to use the Category Tree quantity and value breaks module ( https://apps.oscommerce.com/aHKdf&category-tree-quantity-and-value-breaks ) for our business, which it exactly fufill our needs (we need a multi part discount for our product category). but yet the module is likely for OSC 2.2. We had done the steps in the installation file described, but yet when we go to the backend and click install the module, the configure table in the database had inserted the line needed for the module, but when we click back on the module list, it does not appear and we can install the module again, which insert new lines into the table. At the front end the teaser appears in our product category but yet the function is not working. Any clues on how we can make this module to work on OSC 2.3.4?
  10. twfiles

    View Counter

    Hello jack, I installed viewcounter (1.7) on my highly modified template website, but it is showing empty page on the monitor page (result Displaying 0 to 0 (of 0 links) ) but it does record the activity i done while i check the database. Any clues for that?