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  1. RAC

    PayPal not working

    Thank you @Jack_mcs, I will post in the suggested forum, sorry about my mistake, it would have been nice if Admin had told me this three weeks ago!!!! Regards Shaun
  2. RAC

    PayPal not working

  3. RAC

    PayPal not working

    Still no resolution to this problem! I have been in contact with PP but they say everything seems fine fron their end. If I make a test purchase there seems to be no “payment method” suggesting PP is not installed. It seems to be a configuration problem, any ideas?
  4. RAC

    PayPal not working

    OK, thank you @bonbec. I have followed this tutorial, it is not quite the same as my setup, when I click "edit" in step 3 all I am able to do is change the sort order! There are no other options. I did uninstall this, then reinstalled but I get the same problem. If I go into the Paypal tab then "Credentials" it seems to be filled out correctly with API username, API password, API signature, merchant id, PayPal email address, however the page a browny red colour in the Live as well as the Sandbox windows, I presume this window should be green if its live,
  5. RAC

    PayPal not working

    OK, lets try this. Yes it is Edge 2.3.4. I have attempted a test purchase but there is no payment option, I have PP express and standard installed, obviously PP is not setup correctly. In Admin/PayPal I can see my credentials, they seem to be correct, I have uninstalled and reinstalled pp, which did not help. Where do I need to start?
  6. RAC

    PayPal not working

    BS Edge 2.3.4. I think
  7. RAC

    PayPal not working

    Hello all, I have noticed that I have no sales recently, I thought it was to do with my Google accounts, Analytics and Search Console etc, as nothing seemed to be working with them. I also had a problem with Captcha, sometimes it was there on test purchases, other times is wasn't, so I just removed it. To be honest I gave up for a while, there was just too many problems and too much going on!! But I need to get my website working properly again. I will start with PayPal, I have an error message on my admin side when I attempt to rertieve my live credentials as follows. Could not connect to the osCommerce website to initiate the start account procedure. Please try again in a short while. Any idea what this is about? TIA Shaun
  8. RAC

    New management and osCommerce v4

    Hello @admin I have just spent the last hour or so reading through this post. Now what? What's the latest on v4? A link from here to where interested visitors to this page need to go would be helpful. Thank you, Shaun
  9. Hello again, sorry I got my version wrong, I am actually running an early version of Edge! Does this make things any easier for me?
  10. Hello @Hotclutch, I am running a frozen 2.3.4 shop on php7, and would like to upgrade to a higher php version. Is it possible to update this version, if so are there a list of instructions to follow? Or do I just need to follow what you have done? TIA Shaun
  11. Thank you @user_lambda I am running 2.3.4 with your first error and have implemented your solution. Regards Shaun
  12. RAC

    Unable to reinstall app

    Hello again Zahid We must stop meeting like this. Thanks for your suggestion, I restored my installation from backup now everything seems fine. It may have been due to the pwa install, but as the PayPal app has the Guest Checkout, I will stick with this for now. Thanks again Shaun💀
  13. RAC

    Unable to reinstall app

    Hello chaps BS Edge 2.3.4, mid 2017 I have just attempted to reinstall this PayPal app after uninstalling from admin/paypal/configure/uninstall. I reinstalled and replaced all the folders/files within the package. The 4 paypal apps are there, but when I go to admin/modules/payment/install module, I get a : This page isn’t working www.retro-antiques-curios.co.uk is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500 Presently I have no other payments app installed. Any idea what I have done wrong? Thanks in advance, Shaun
  14. RAC

    Product listing

    Thank you for that Rainer. All sorted, back to the usual number of images👍 Regards Shaun
  15. RAC

    Product listing

    Hello Rainer I thought it would be something like that, I have searched through the admin side but can find no reference to gallery, only the Gallery Kissit, in admin/modules/content. would the original go under another name? Shaun