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  1. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    That's got it. Thanks.
  2. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    I cannot find a zone rates to be installed, only flat rates.
  3. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    Where is Royal Mail shipping? How can this be implemented.
  4. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    How many categories do you have? Have you increased the PHP memory allocated on both the original install and on the Osc4 install?
  5. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    Which item of data are you trying to import?
  6. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    Here's the SQL I used to ship over 18,000+ rows which failed the ajax data move. SELECT COUNT(*) FROM a_2017_ls_bak.orders; /*18530 rows */ SELECT COUNT(*) FROM orders; /*3832 rows after import using oscb */ DELETE FROM testls_osc4.orders; INSERT INTO `testls_osc4`.`orders` ( `orders_id`, `platform_id`, `department_id`, `customers_id`, `basket_id`, `customers_name`, `customers_firstname`, `customers_lastname`, `customers_company`, `customers_company_vat`, `customers_company_vat_status`, `customers_street_address`, `customers_suburb`, `customers_city`, `customers_postcode`, `customers_state`, `customers_country`, `customers_telephone`, `customers_email_address`, `customers_address_format_id`, `delivery_gender`, `delivery_name`, `delivery_firstname`, `delivery_lastname`, `delivery_company`, `delivery_street_address`, `delivery_suburb`, `delivery_city`, `delivery_postcode`, `delivery_state`, `delivery_country`, `delivery_email_address`, `delivery_telephone`, `delivery_company_vat`, `delivery_company_vat_status`, `delivery_address_format_id`, `delivery_address_book_id`, `billing_gender`, `billing_name`, `billing_firstname`, `billing_lastname`, `billing_company`, `billing_street_address`, `billing_suburb`, `billing_city`, `billing_postcode`, `billing_state`, `billing_country`, `billing_email_address`, `billing_telephone`, `billing_company_vat`, `billing_company_vat_status`, `billing_address_format_id`, `billing_address_book_id`, `payment_method`, `payment_info`, `cc_type`, `cc_owner`, `cc_number`, `cc_expires`, `cc_cvn`, `last_modified`, `date_purchased`, `orders_status`, `orders_date_finished`, `currency`, `currency_value`, `currency_value_default`,tracking_number, `parcel_label_pdf` ) SELECT `orders_id`, 1,0, `customers_id`, 0, `customers_name`,'','', `customers_company`, '', 0, `customers_street_address`, `customers_suburb`, `customers_city`, `customers_postcode`, `customers_state`, `customers_country`, `customers_telephone`, `customers_email_address`, `customers_address_format_id`, '', `delivery_name`, '','',`delivery_company`, `delivery_street_address`, `delivery_suburb`, `delivery_city`, LEFT(`delivery_postcode`,10), `delivery_state`, `delivery_country`, customers_email_address, customers_telephone, '', 0,`delivery_address_format_id`,0, '',`billing_name`,'','', `billing_company`, `billing_street_address`, `billing_suburb`, `billing_city`, LEFT(`billing_postcode`,10), `billing_state`, `billing_country`, customers_email_address, customers_telephone,'', 0, `billing_address_format_id`, 0, `payment_method`,'', `cc_type`, `cc_owner`, `cc_number`, `cc_expires`, '', `last_modified`, `date_purchased`, `orders_status`, `orders_date_finished`, `currency`, `currency_value`, NULL, '','' FROM `a_2017_ls_bak`.`orders`; SELECT * FROM a_2017_ls_bak.orders LIMIT 9603; SELECT COUNT(*) FROM a_2017_ls_bak.orders_products; /* 74153 */ SELECT COUNT(*) FROM orders_products; /*12994*/ DELETE FROM orders_products; INSERT INTO `testls_osc4`.`orders_products` ( `orders_products_id`, `orders_id`, `products_id`, `products_model`, `products_name`, `products_price`, `final_price`, `products_tax`, `products_quantity`,`sets_array`,`overwritten`,`elements`, `template_uprid`, `parent_product`,`sub_products`,`props`) SELECT `orders_products_id`, `orders_id`, `products_id`, `products_model`, `products_name`, `products_price`, `final_price`, `products_tax`, `products_quantity`,'','','','','','','' FROM `a_2017_ls_bak`.`orders_products`; SELECT COUNT(*) FROM a_2017_ls_bak.orders_products_attributes; /*2356*/ SELECT COUNT(*) FROM orders_products_attributes; /*3*/ DELETE FROM orders_products_attributes; INSERT INTO `testls_osc4`.`orders_products_attributes` ( `orders_products_attributes_id`, `orders_id`, `orders_products_id`, `products_options`, `products_options_values`, `options_values_price`, `price_prefix`, `products_options_id`, `products_options_values_id` ) SELECT `orders_products_attributes_id`, `orders_id`, `orders_products_id`, `products_options`, `products_options_values`, `options_values_price`, `price_prefix`, 0, 0 FROM `a_2017_ls_bak`.`orders_products_attributes`; SELECT COUNT(*) FROM a_2017_ls_bak.orders_products_download; /*3265*/ SELECT COUNT(*) FROM orders_products_download; /*0*/ DELETE FROM orders_products_download; INSERT INTO `testls_osc4`.`orders_products_download` ( `orders_products_download_id`, `orders_id`, `orders_products_id`, `orders_products_filename`, `download_maxdays`, `download_count`, `download_count_1`, `orders_products_name` ) SELECT `orders_products_download_id`, `orders_id`, `orders_products_id`, `orders_products_filename`, `download_maxdays`, `download_count`,0,'' FROM `a_2017_ls_bak`.`orders_products_download`; SELECT COUNT(*) FROM a_2017_ls_bak.orders_status_history; /*96519*/ SELECT COUNT(*) FROM orders_status_history; /*9889*/ DELETE FROM orders_status_history; INSERT INTO `testls_osc4`.`orders_status_history` ( `orders_status_history_id`, `orders_id`, `orders_status_id`, `date_added`, `customer_notified`, `comments`, `admin_id`, `smscomments` ) SELECT `orders_status_history_id`, `orders_id`, `orders_status_id`, `date_added`, `customer_notified`, `comments`,0,'' FROM `a_2017_ls_bak`.`orders_status_history`; SELECT COUNT(*) FROM a_2017_ls_bak.orders_total; /*53566*/ SELECT COUNT(*) FROM orders_total; /*12406*/ DESCRIBE orders_total; DELETE FROM orders_total; INSERT INTO `testls_osc4`.`orders_total` ( `orders_total_id`, `orders_id`, `title`, `text`, `value`, `class`, `sort_order`, `text_inc_tax`, `text_exc_tax`, `tax_class_id`, `value_inc_tax`, `value_exc_vat`, `is_removed`, `currency`, `currency_value`) SELECT `orders_total_id`, `orders_id`, `title`, `text`, `value`, `class`, `sort_order`,`text`,`text`,0,`value`,`value`,0,'GBP','1.000000' FROM `a_2017_ls_bak`.`orders_total`;
  7. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    Word of warning, some of the fields in standard tables are much smaller than standard osCommerce. For instance moving orders data over customers_email_address is defined as varchar(96). If you get a failure in data porting check the sizing.
  8. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    Back to moving data, importing orders was failing with memory error, I've increased it to stupid amounts and now I get the error DataTables warning: table id=tblFiles - Ajax error. For more information about this error, please see http://datatables.net/tn/7 Any ideas?
  9. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    Ooops. Too late, now it won't reinstall even after wiping the installation folder. All working again.
  10. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    So needing to re-install, I wiped the database, wiped the install folder, recopied the unzip file and index.php and called the index.php, it popped up the installer and on pressing next reports " Alert: Already Installed. Remove the 'install' folder, or remove your configure.php to install again. " So where is that being stored if I wiped out all of the container folder!
  11. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    New Issue, whilst importing orders the php memallocated was exceeded causing only half the orders to load in. I've updated the memory settings but now the import orders has gone from the list. Is there a way to wipe all data and start the transfers again?
  12. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    That is amazing, it works beautifully. I just needed to add https:// Thanks, I'll get on with testing
  13. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    As there is no platforms table on the old installation I assume you mean on the test one. It is burninglight.biz/osc4/ My old site is based on JCommerce (oscommerce for Joomla) where the bulk of the osCommerce installation is wrapped into sub folders. This is why I wanted to know what the data feed importer is doing asking for index.php?feed=categories If need be I'll just rip apart the new source and narrow it down.
  14. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 2

    Hiya I had the same errors as you. To find out what was going in, I edited compat/database.php and changed line 53 to read $log_error .= 'Line ['.($debug_size-$i).']: ' . json_encode($degug_info[$i])."\n"; and added a lne after 54; print_r($log_error); This told me that the database was objecting to the size of the field project_code in io_project in my original osccommerce installation (it's created by oscb) so I manually changed it to varchar(255) and then it worked and created a security key. Unfortunately when I go to download the data I get an error as it tries to access index.php?feeds=brands and fails with a pop up failed to open stream: No such file or directory Done If someone could tell me where the data is stored I can try and move it further
  15. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Please can I be added to the Beta test list. I've developed osCommerce since its initial version, I've been a team member of osCMax and am an internal developer for the Joomla project. I have asked before but apart from the initial video demo have not heard anything.# Thanks Mark
  16. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 Beta 1

    Hi I've requested to be on the beta test and heard nothing. As one of the original developers of osCMax and having used osCommerce since it's earliest days I'd like to be able to try it. Please can you send me a beta 1 invite? Thanks Mark
  17. mfleeson

    Estimated Timescale

    Hi Please can you let us know what your expected release schedule is for OsCommerce 4? We keep seeing posts for more Demo zoom's but it would be great to hands on some real code. Thanks and Best Wishes Mark
  18. Hi All I've been looking through coding and as far as I can tell the osCommerce 4 is based on: OsCommerce forking into CRELoaded. CRELoaded being extended and modified into TrueLoaded (a version can be found on github here: https://github.com/vladmalyshev/trueloaded According to the developers website Holbi, Trueloaded has now been rebranded 'Powerful Commerce'. All of the demonstrations that have been streamed having been using a variation of the Trueloaded code so if anyone wants to see under the cover (as it was two years ago) I suggest you take a look at the github. I've got it installed but am currently getting sql query errors so am working through them. I have no idea when osCommerce will come out but it's seriously extended in trueloaded and should be great if we can get some kind of release. M
  19. mfleeson

    Typical "How to" questions

    How about specific country based specifications, i.e. a UK based store, a French base store, a German based store? I'd be happy to help code the UK specific ones with Royal Mail shipping, Nochex and Paypal payments. The screen shots are looking great, I'm looking forward to looking under the cover Best Wishes Mark
  20. mfleeson

    osCommerce v4 demo

    Looks great. Can categories be limited to specific user groups?
  21. mfleeson

    App Store or Add-on Store or...?

    Add-on, as it's adding functionality not providing a unique application.
  22. mfleeson

    API for OSCommerce integration.

    Hi Mike It depends on what you're trying to do, there are several addons designed to feed your product data into amazon/ebay and the whole osCommerce app is written in PHP so you can write extensions and your own api. However there's nothing out of the box for integration with ebay and amazon. Mark
  23. Hi Lee,

    The site won't let me message you, so here's what I tried to send:

    Hi Lee


    I've disabled login so you should be able to get straight in. If you click on Products and then edit an existing you can see how Harald used variants on the Dymo. If you want to access the raw product attributes component then check it out under Mark's Debug Menu!

    I've backed up the database so if anything goes wrong I can always restore it.



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      Oh. That's wrong. I'll check. Thanks


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      Now I can do it.

  24. mfleeson

    Paypal Standard Payments Failing

    Thanks so much for this thread guys. I started having issues with paypal payments not coming through and I've been chasing all around the place trying to find the issue. The old version was missing both DigiCert High Assurance EV Root CA and DigiCert Global Root G2 (SHA-256) I ran araxis merge on the phoenix cert and the one downloaded from here and they're identical. Thank you. Can I suggest this gets made as an announcement in the forums so people know to update. On a slightly different issue my Paypal app says its version 5.0.10 and then pops up An update is available for this App! . Clicking the button does nothing and from what I can see on the forum it's the latest version. Anyone got ideas? Cheers Mark
  25. Hi Mike

    The database changes in were increasing the varchars to 255. I created an update script for Gary but he's not included it in the package. You can use the following SQL.

    /* Update to existing installations adjusting VARCHARs to 255 in length */

    ALTER TABLE categories
    CHANGE COLUMN categories_image categories_image VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;

    ALTER TABLE categories_description
    CHANGE COLUMN categories_name categories_name  VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN categories_seo_keywords categories_seo_keywords VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN categories_seo_title categories_seo_title  VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;

    ALTER TABLE manufacturers
    CHANGE COLUMN manufacturers_name manufacturers_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN manufacturers_image manufacturers_image VARCHAR(255);

    ALTER TABLE manufacturers_info
    CHANGE COLUMN manufacturers_seo_keywords manufacturers_seo_keywords VARCHAR(255)  NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN manufacturers_seo_title manufacturers_seo_title VARCHAR(255) NULL;

    ALTER TABLE orders_products
    CHANGE COLUMN products_model products_model VARCHAR(255),
    CHANGE COLUMN products_name products_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;

    ALTER TABLE orders_products_attributes
    CHANGE COLUMN products_options products_options VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL,
    CHANGE COLUMN products_options_values products_options_values VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL;

    ALTER TABLE products
    CHANGE COLUMN products_model products_model VARCHAR(255),
    CHANGE COLUMN products_image products_image VARCHAR(255);

    ALTER TABLE products_description
    CHANGE COLUMN products_name products_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '',
    CHANGE COLUMN products_seo_keywords products_seo_keywords VARCHAR(255) NULL ,
    CHANGE COLUMN products_seo_title products_seo_title VARCHAR(255) NULL ;

    ALTER TABLE products_images
    CHANGE COLUMN image image VARCHAR(255);

    ALTER TABLE products_options
    CHANGE COLUMN products_options_name products_options_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '';

    ALTER TABLE products_options_values
    CHANGE COLUMN products_options_values_name products_options_values_name VARCHAR(255) NOT NULL DEFAULT '';



    1. Mikepo


      Thanks Mark, that saved be time!


    2. mfleeson


      No worries. The original git update to Gary had this script in but he didn't include it in the update.

    3. ecartz

      ecartz is available on GitHub, but for updates, the SQL is here.