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  1. I recently upgraded to and installed the Elavon mod with the ereg changes that I've used for years. Evertyhing is processing and I'm making money except that I don't have the card info when I look at the order in Admin. Of the 4 CC fields in the order, only the card number appears. The missing data is not in the database in table orders so I think this problem needs a change in one of the base osc checkout scripts. Anyone come across this?
  2. Pull out the changes to your includes/header.php. This change also screws up the colors on the header buttons on 2.3.x and makes them hard to read. That's how I found it originally. I think the Account button was eliminated to avoid confusion to PWA customers but the cure is worse than the problem.
  3. To change the middle 8 numbers of the credit card no to X's that are stored in the database for security purposes, add the following line to includes/modules/payment/chargeit.php in the before_process function around line 464 : $order->info['cc_number'] = substr($_POST['cc_number'], 0, 4) . str_repeat('X', (strlen($_POST['cc_number']) - 8)) . substr($_POST['cc_number'], -4); Should look like this: // clean $_POST $ssl_card_number = strip_tags($_POST['cc_number']); $ssl_exp_date = strip_tags($_POST['cc_expires']); $ssl_cvv2cvc2_indicator = strip_tags($_POST['cvv_indicator']); $ssl_cvv2cvc2 = strip_tags($_POST['cvv_number']); $order->info['cc_number'] = substr($_POST['cc_number'], 0, 4) . str_repeat('X', (strlen($_POST['cc_number']) - 8)) . substr($_POST['cc_number'], -4); // Populate an array that contains all of the data to be submitted Ed
  4. orosanto

    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    ..... and Claudia's
  5. orosanto

    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    Never mind. I just found Maureens post.
  6. orosanto

    [Contribution] Extra Fields

    Has anyone come with a fix to get the extra field contrib to work when duplicating an item using the Copy To in admin? I tried a few down and dirty things (like copying the extra fields code block under case update_product to under case copy_to_confirm in category.php) to no avail.
  7. orosanto

    Paypal IPN

    I've ended up pulling Paypal IPN and going back to the regular Paypal module. I searched the forums but couldn't find a solution to the address forwarding issue which results in denial of the Seller Protection Policy. I have had that policy save my butt on a few high dollar transactions from fraudsters. I need that to work. I'd rather track down a missed order. If I missed a fix for this, can someone let me know.