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  1. webrookie

    ULTIMATE Seo Urls 5 - by FWR Media

    I installed this twice. I removed it the first time because there was something wrong on my end. When I removed the installation I also removed "seo url" in configuration in my admin. I deleted that in MyphpAdmin. I just installed this again but I can no longer see seo in my configuration in admin so basically nothing has changed and I cannot turn the setting to "true." I have read through all the pages in this support thread but I cannot find anyone else with this problem. Please help.
  2. H1,I have recently installed the addon for two kinds of Chinese. I have a language box with the flags of the countries inside, so the visitor can switch between Chinese and Engish as they go from pages to pages. Everything is fine but when a visitor tries to add an item to the cart or when he/she tries to check out in the Chinese interface the screen would freeze and just leave a white screen there. The checkout in my English interface if completely fine, it is only in Chinese that I am encountering this problem. Please help me as my shop is live and I have been trying to fix this for the last few days with no improvement. I have tried to compare the files one by one and so far they all seems to be identical. Thank you.
  3. webrookie


    Hoe did you fix it, I have the same problem.